Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Inside the new canned ham

Even though this RV is much larger than the little canned ham we loved so much, it's still a creative challenge to find just the right place for everything and an even larger challenge to keep everything in its place. 
fridge on the left, bathroom on the right
There are mirrors everywhere's like living in a house of mirrors and I really don't want to see myself all that much.  I guess I should just be glad it's not like a fun house mirror that distorts the images.  Although sometimes I think it is...I can't possible be that fat, can I?  But they do bounce around the light and that is a good thing.

After some trial and error (meaning things crashing to the ground in the dark of the night) I have learned that if you wash the mirror with rubbing alcohol first you CAN get the command hooks to stay on them.  This has allowed a great deal of fun for me since I wasn't able to install some of my favorite things without being able to pound in nails or use screws.

The kitchen was the first area to tackle.  After getting my magnetic strip installed to hang knives on and my utensil rack for, well...utensils I was set.  Then I added a double metal basket to hold produce and stuff.  Now I'm ready to cook....once I figure out how to light the pilot light and conquer the combination microwave/convection oven.  It looks a bit wonky with the reflection of all the stuff,  but really helps.  Now I can pick up the basket to remove it when desiring to use the stove top burners.  To access these you have to lift up the counter top and put them somewhere for the duration.  A bit of a hassle but worth the benefit of a full countertop when not in use.  Every bit of space is precious. The same procedure goes for the sink.
The other dead area was the wall with the...yes, another mirror.  I kept the rolling plastic cart from the old house and have utilized it as a coffee spot.  It adds another bit or counter top and some storage below for the spices, trashbags, popcorn popper and other sundry items.  I have used some gel clings to add some summer flowers and another command hook (I LOVE those things!) to hang our calendar with photos of the grandkids.

One of our first concerns (because it's ALL about the CAT) was where to place her water fountain and litter box.  You can see by this photo that her fountain is underneath our dinnette table.   Hey!  What is my margerita mix doing under there!?!?  Is she adding this to the water?  No wonder she sleeps so much during the day.  Is that salt on the rim of her water dish?  This has gone too far!  I will speak to her as soon as she wakes up!  I placed the fountain in another litter box so it can be pulled out easily for cleaning and refilling without sloshing water all over the place.  I'm thinking I can add the snap on lid while we are moving and it should contain any spills.  We'll see.
litter box is below the shelf
The second dilemma was where to put the litter box.  Especially since it's such a big honking huge thing required by a big honking huge cat.  When we saw the space beneath the desk area in the bedroom we both smiled and thought the same thing....litter box.
The desk area is then used to store the printer.  I added the extra shelving from the old house to provide a place to store the paper and ink also.

Luckily this is the one window that cranks out so it's reachable through the shelving and prevents rain from hitting the printer if left open during a storm.   Left Brain has successfully installed the flatscreen above the window area so he can watch sports in bed...once we get the TV to actually run, still working out all those cables and hookups.  Oh well, one day at a time.

Now I think I'll go find a movie and goof off for a bit while Left Brain is out golfing with Larry Boy.

Long Live the Queen of Relaxation

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  1. Gosh, this looks a lot more roomy than I thought it might be, and it's really quite nice. I'm enjoying your photos because I've never seen the inside of an RV. I think you're going to be quite happy in your new home. Have a wonderful day, hugs,s Edna B.