Thursday, May 24, 2012

Taming the bathroom

I love the creative challenges of how to fit everything in and yet make it look somewhat attractive while living in an RV.

The bathroom challenges were to arrange the toothbrushes, toothpaste, pills, cup and the mouthwash on a dinky countertop in a manner that can be scooped up and stored easily when moving.  The solution:  put them in a little basket that allows for ease of cleaning and preparing for moving.

The existing shower head felt a bit like using a water pik to clean your face.  Sure the abrasion might be good for the skin, but it was just too painful.  Solution:  enter the new improved shower head.  It looks nicer and feels better.  It also has the turn off knob so you can shut off the water while shampooing to save water....every RV'ers concern about water conservation.

Where can you hang towels to dry between showers?  This solution is an adaptation from an idea I found on Pinterest.  They had sewn ribbon on the center of the long edge of each towel so they could be hung.  But I'm too lazy to dig out the sewing machine to add the ribbon so I got these little plastic clips so they can be added to the towels to hang.  Pretty slick, huh?  I put up the little suction cup thingeys to place the towels on.  I can't believe they haven't fallen off yet, but they are still holding!

I never used to believe in suction cups - just couldn't understand how they could really work. But I am a believer now and have added them to hold the shampoo and conditioner and another below for my facial scrub.

Then I was having so much fun I added another for the scrubbing mit and back brush.

Left Brain would like to have the overhead rod removed as he tends to whack it while showering, but it's handy for hanging up shirts that have been hand washed.  I never used to want any of these kinds of clothes that were so fussy, but now with the laundry mat experience it's just as easy to wash something out in the sink and hang it to dry.

Long Live the Queen of the Powder Room

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  1. I have a suggestion for that overhead suction rod in the shower. Quite some time ago, we found a expandable clothesline that we bought for our shower. It goes up with suction cups. The hook end is on one wall, and the end with the line is on the other wall. Just pull it over and hook it when you want to hang things. Very convenient, and it hubbie wouldn't hit his head on it. I love seeing the photos of your RV. I think it's amazing just how comfy your RV is. Tootsie and I are off to the park today. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.