Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Living Room

It's fun to find creative places to store stuff, kind of like a big Easter egg hunt for RV'ers, especially with my memory and I can't recall where I put anything.

Let's tackle the living room today, which is basically the whole RV but for our purposes we'll just deal with the couch area.  Right above the couch area when you enter is my funny clay face from Suzanne. 

It's good to have someone happy to see you greet you as you come home...and that sure as heck isn't She Devil. 

It always makes me smile.

too messy!
I wanted to keep all my quilted lap throws, partly because I made them and wanted to maintain something from my past life and partly because it can get cold enough to want them.  But where to store them when every inch of cabinets are used for dishes, food and other items.

Then I found these little folding hassocks at Shopko on clearance and they were perfect!  The concept is to use the space bag that comes inside of them to condense the storage, but I wanted to use the items on a more regular basis so ignored the space bag.  Those got used to store pillows and bedding for guests in the cargo bays.

One is used for storing all those quilted lap throws and the other is filled up with my electric pressure cooker that I just wasn't ready to part with yet.  I'm thinking this will still be handy when it's hot and sticky and I can plug it in outside to cook and I'm not willing to give it up.  The plus of these two items is they double as a footstool for those on the couch; either to place your feet or use as a side table.  They could also double as additional seating for someone not too heavy.

I discovered a very narrow space between the couch and the dinette - perfect spot for the cookie sheets!  Not your conventional storage option for these unless you inhabit a house with someone suffering from Alzheimers disease, then you find things in really strange locations.  But for right now, right here it works!

The dinnette seat was getting out of control with all the paper clutter so now we both have a letter organizer at the end of our bench seats to place items we use all the time. Thankfully TJ had two of them in the perfect color.

The drinking fountain moved again - now it's under the little table between the recliner and the co-pilot seat.  It's a much better location - not kicked as often, no worry about computer cords dropping in the water and by far easier to access for cleaning and refilling.

She Devil's food dishes have moved full circle.  Once I tried the dry food is under the dinnette table and the twice a day tuna feeding  behind the drivers chair since this is an area not often used and therefore nobody is stepping in her food.  When you have tuna scented socks it's amazing how many stray cats will start to approach you, as well as attracting the homeless downtown. But they both have migrated back to the area in front of the coffee station as it's the easiest to reach and feeding her seems to be a full time job.

Bit by bit things seem to be falling into place.  My last design was adding these sturdy plastic storage bins with handles to the overhead cabinets for food items. Now when we prepare to roll nothing will be sliding and rolling around up here.

Well that wraps up the living room....

Long live the Queen of Living

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  1. I'm finding this so fascinating, as I've never been in an RV. As for the tuna socks, I guess they're as much fun as pee socks (from walking on Tootsie's scatter rugs when I am not quick enough to get them up right away). Your funny face planter is very interesting, but I like getting licks and wags better. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.