Monday, May 14, 2012

Another weekend gone

This is a reminder to never grow to old to giggle with a friend.
You'd think with all the time in the world things would move slowly, but yet another weekend has blown by.

Saturday I attended shul for my usual hour or so until my tiny little attention span says to move on.  This is the nice thing about a three hour service, people can drift in and out as they want.  I love the morning service and get to chant the morning blessings so I always show up for the start of it.  Then I like to wander over to Pickerman's for their fabulous soup and pick up some groceries on the way back home.

This Saturday I stopped by the old house to see if there was any mail and then hung out with the Shores at their rummage sale.  They live at the top of a steep hill so only the brave and daring came up to check out their treasures.

Sunday was spent scanning recipe books so I can pass them on to our daughter.  I also worked at removing files, photos and music from the old computer on to the new one.  In the process I blew out a bunch of stuff I no longer needed.  During the downsizing process even things that take up no visible space can get overwhelming.  I'm sure that many of things I've transferred over to the new computer will be deleted also, but my goal was to get it cleared out quickly so it's ready to turn over during their Memorial Day visit.

Then Miss M called and was heading to a green house my way and would I like to join her?  YES!  I walked over to the gate so she wouldn't have to get through the security and on my way was greeted by a giant sea turtle driving a golf cart wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.  Maybe I wasn't totally awake after all - that was strange.  We went to the garden center and I got two long hooks to use to hang the hummingbird feeders from the awnings.

Left Brain managed to install the flat screen TV in the space provided for it in the bedroom.  Now we need to figure out how to run the surround sound - this is where our son-in-law will come in handy during their next visit!  We have yet to try running a DVD yet to see how (or if) that works.  Each day is a new adventure.

I was blessed with phone calls from both my kids on Mother's Day and that was sweet.  It's always nice to be remembered and I like the personal touch of a phone call instead of just getting a Hallmark card.  Now that we have an official Texas address we prefer everything via the internet as we will have to pay to have any mail forwarded to us.  Our first step is to convince the postal deliverers that we no longer live in the old house as mail seems to keep coming through.  I was going to do the change of address online but it cost $9.95 to do that so I marched my wide behind into the post office and did it at the counter for free.

Today will be spent running some errands, going with Left Brain to his dentist appointment and sorting out more things and since I seem to have the photo process figured out now, finally get some photos of our new home to show off.  My only disappointment is that the place seems to be getting dirty already.  Somehow I thought living in an RV meant not having to do housework.  Oh well....I knew that wouldn't be realistic.

I just discovered that the table could be lowered a notch, so we'll play with that later.  We also need to try opening up the sofa to see if it makes into a bed so we have a place for our grandkids to sleep when they come.

Long Live the Queen of New Adventures!

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  1. Oh Lordy! I just love your giggle picture. This is soooooo like my daughter in law and me. Every Wednesday after work, she comes by to visit and stay for supper. We gossip and giggle and share candy, cake and ice cream. Oh yes, this is our night to be bad. But I look forward to it every week. Thanks. I will probably want to share it with my family on my blog. I love your bluebird. We don't see many of them here, none at all at my place. You have a wonderful evening. Hugs, Edna B.