Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quiet before the storm

I've been enjoying the company of friends and having long lunches all week to enjoy the freedom of having two cars, which ended today.

On Wednesday we had supper with our friends Gary and Sue - wonderful salad and lasagna with sherbert for dessert - absolutely perfect. They live in the same valley we used to and I enjoyed seeing the rose breasted grossbeaks and gold finches coming to their feeders as we sat on the porch.

Thursday I shared Indian food with Chaseburg Mama, the Divine Miss M and Colleen of the Sea Shore.  I'm never sure which is best, the food or the conversation.  Sure seems to be a lot of eating lately and we'll need to start changing our habits in June!

Then it was off to the laundry mat for Thrifty Thursday to catch up on laundry before the weekend visitors arrive.  I got home just in time to unload the car as it started to sprinkle.  Then I remembered that the holding tanks were full and ran out to empty them.  It's not a hard job, just releasing levers...the trick is to remember to do it before you reach crisis levels, which isn't pretty.  As I got back into the house the heavens opened up and all chaos began.

Luckily She Devil isn't scared of thunder and lightening, it was the gale force winds with heavy rain and the tornado warning that had me concerned, especially when the RV started to shake and rock a bit.  But the only damage done was the heavy downpour knocking down the humming bird feeders - no major damage done, the awning held and all is well. 

Left Brain was out on a driving job and got locked out of the gate when he returned late that night, so he had to leave the car and walk in.  Yuck.  It wasn't heavy rain at that time, but there were many puddles he couldn't see in the dark.

Friday I dined with Glass Girl and her sister to catch up and visit with them.  ThenI picked up my new glasses and had to struggle for a bit to adjust to the change in prescription.  For those of you with glasses you know how words can appear to "swim" on the page with a prescription jump.

The Rossing bunch arrived Friday night and we managed to cope with rain the first night and blistering heat the next day.

After they left we sat outside and read while enjoying the breeze then came inside and turned on the air conditioning to cool off and watched some TV.  Ah....the quiet.

Long Live the Queen

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  1. Seems like you're fitting into your new life and home quite nicely. I wasn't aware that RV parks had a curfew for entering at night. I supposed though, that it is for your own safety. I've been enjoying my few days off this weekend. Tomorrow it's back to work. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.