Thursday, May 17, 2012

Beets are messy

I know - this is an apple...but I couldn't find a funny beet photo
I confess....I have never cooked beets before.  Today I conquered that fear!  I found in my veggie book that to get the sweetest flavor from them for a salad you should roast them.  So I washed them and wrapped them in foil and put them into the convection microwave on convection bake and stood back waiting for the sparks to fly.  It just goes against my better judgement (and we know how questionable THAT can be) to put tin foil in a microwave...on a metal rack.  But they were fine and after the allotted time I cooled them and prepared to slice and dice them.

First off I forgot to peel them so I went through all the little diced pieces of the first one to remove the outer peel.  These are disgustingly messy to work with but the color is vibrant.  I would look at my hands and sink and conjure up images from the movie I had just seen with Johnny Depp in Dark Shadows.  I kind of wanted to apply dark eye shadow and drip some from the corners of my mouth and see if I could scare Left Brain.  But it was just too messy and I didn't want to stain things in the new RV.

Then I added the feta cheese and walnuts with a little pomegranate dressing and served it for supper.  It was good, but I think after it chills more it will be even better.  However, I will probably just buy canned beets like I have in the past for this kind of thing and save myself the trouble.  But I did it!

Long Live the Queen ....or should I say "the beet goes on"


  1. Cheryl, down through the years you've always been able to set me to giggling... you did it again today !! Hey, if you get downtown, I've got something awaiting you on the table at Gallery LaCrosse, but don't come by on this Saturday as I'll be doing a Vikiing Knit demo over in Spring Grove for the Syttende Mai & I'd like to see you. Beets are very healthy, can't beat them for tasty veggies. Ann

  2. I love beets too, but I stick to the canned ones. These are messy enough. I also love asparagus but I usually only get the Green Giant canned ones. I do love your apple photo though. I never thought to try "Fruit and Veggie Art". I'll have to give it a try one of these days. I'm at work, so gotta go. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.