Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shabbat calm

my passenger side of the cab is a quiet spot now
It was a leisure day today, as it should be on the Sabbath.  I went to shul and stayed through most of it. As enjoyable as it is there, my attention span is short and about 1:00 I felt the need to leave.

So off toPickerman's I went for some hot potato soup and then to Shopko to pick up a couple more things.  I'm starting to zero on on getting everything arranged nicely now!

my clay face is still staying up - I'm hoping for the best
Then a brief stop at the house to start another load of laundry and pack up things for my last art show tomorrow.  It's a weird feeling to know I really will go home empty way or another!  Once the car is empty I can load up the Goodwill batch that's waiting for delivery. 

While at the old house Donna & Roger showed up so I did a walk through of the gardens with them until the rain was imminent.  When I got home to the RV I had to dash through the rain and manuveer around the puddles.  I'm glad I added the small rug outside the door the day before.  It helps to keep things from getting as muddy.

Then I spent the afternoon arranging things in the closets and under the bed, moving stuff from one place to another.  I think I have a workable arrangement for right now.  One of my experiments is to add a hanging rack and calendar to the mirrors.  I just need to remember that if things go bump in the night it's probably just metal falling off the wall.

Once the weather cooperates I'll get the last of the stuff packed outside in the cargo bays.  Then I feel ready to start doing some cooking and shoot for a calm relaxed life.

We meet with the realtor on Monday and hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of that process.

Long Live the Queen of Retired Artists

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