Saturday, May 19, 2012

Freaky Friday

Friday was a nice day.  I started out by cleaning the RV while Left Brain was off golfing with Larry Boy and after he returned I took off to go see "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and run some errands.  Loved the movie, made me laugh and almost cry, but then I was a bit emotional considering it was my mother's birthday.

I decided for her birthday this year to give her a dead cat.  Okay, before I get replies of how cruel that have to understand a couple of things.  Both my mother and Simcha have been dead for two years now.  My intention was to bury her in the flower bed behind the house...the cat, not my mother.  But I just never got around to it.

she loved to "hang out" with Left Brain
Then when we decided to sell the house I didn't want to bury her there anymore because she never met any of those people.  And then it hit me!  My mother always liked Simcha.  And Simcha, being the sweetest cat in the whole world, liked everybody.  So, I decided they should repose together.

After the movie was done,  I drove out to the cemetery to perform the deed, which may be illegal, I'm not sure.  But to ask permission is to risk being told no, so I just did it.  The cemetery caretakerswere out there mowing and trimming.  I wasn't figuring on that little twist to my drama.

So I proceeded to put my back to them and kneel down at the grave site and hoped it looked like I was praying.  It probably looked like I was overcome with emotion as my body dipped up and down trying to dig with a small hand trowel.  Grave digging isn't as easy as you might think; that ground is packed down firmly.

I managed to get down far enough to slip Simcha in without bumping into my mother, thank goodness, or get arrested.  Then I packed down the dirt and proceeded to stomp the sod back in while singing the prayer for the Hebrew.  My mother wasn't Jewish but my cat was, so it seemed the thing to do.  Hopefully the caretakers thought the stomping and singing were some kind of archaic Jewish ritual.  It's always good to keep 'em guessing...that's my motto.

Later that night the Shores came up to see the RV and join us for Friday fish fry.  They even brought along a house gift in the form of a bag of ice to use for our drinks.  It was great to see old neighbors again and we're sure going to miss them when we leave the area.  I learned during supper that his father and my mother shared the same birthday.

Today I attend shul, least most of it.  I left early to meet up with the director of the Regional Pump House for lunch and chat and catch up.  She was intrigued by our decision to ditch everything and take off in a radical new lifestyle.  Left Brain was able to join us for part of the lunch, so it was nice to offer his side of the story as well as mine.

As we left she commented on how much courage it must take to do this and I thought about it for a while before responding.  I told her it felt liberating, joyous and exciting...but I didn't feel there was any need for courage.  After we made the decision and set it into process it has just felt right.  Add to this the way the doors seemed to be opening up for us to make this happen and I just have to believe it's the path we're supposed to be on.

Left Brain and I enjoyed some left over taco salad and my weight watcher carmel apple fluff for supper and spent the evening reading our kindle and watching the hummingbirds come to the feeder.  I'm starting to understand their patterns now and will need to set up the tripod for some photos soon. 

Tomorrow is our final bus driving trip, he as the driver and me as a passenger for my garden group.  We're going to three garden centers and somewhere for lunch.  I'm going to look for a cool planter for my miniature hosta Scott gave me, some herbs and a salad garden.  This is probably the shortest list I've ever had for planting season and it feels alright.

Long Live the Queen


  1. Your Simcha was such a beauty! As for putting her in with Mom, I think that's nice. My hubby wanted to be spread over the pitcher's mound at his favorite softball field (he pitched till he was 70), and yup, we did that. Under, not over. Now it's time to get ready to go home. You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. Love the puzzle photo. Let me know where you found the action for that if you don't mind sharing with us. Sometimes, especially in that situation it may have been better not to lady, you're brave! I am going to miss judging with you so much.