Thursday, May 10, 2012

An Easy Day Today

Left Brain had to leave at 2:30am to drive to Chicago, one of the last jobs he has until he's all MINE!  It will be so nice to have him finally retired and home with She Devil and I.  So it was a nice easy day for me as I putzed around the RV and rearranged a few things to make them fit better.

I hauled the old TV into Best Buys and then purchased some office software and Lightroom.  My computer guy had a free program I tried to load but then I decided I really did want Word and the other programs I'm familiar with.  Sorry Eric....guess I was just in a mood to shop.  They are loaded and ready and next week I will start working my way through the instructional book purchased for my Rebel t3i. 

There was a small load again to Goodwill as we pare down to the end of things and then I had lunch and went to Shopko.  I only needed a couple of things but came across a clearance item of a hassock that was marked down to $14 that was the perfect size for storing all our little lap quilts.  Now they are out of sight and there's something to put my feet on.

After a quick visit to the grocery store for some items for supper I spent the afternoon changing addresses on Left Brain's list of people we need to contact.  Man, are there ever a lot of places to contact!  I sent out a request to the clinic for a CD of our current medical records that we can travel with and will stop in to pick up the forms next week.

Left Brain got home in the afternoon and the three of us sat outside in the sunshine and I marked all the pages of the Weight Watcher cookbooks I want to scan for my records.  Then I can pass the books off to my daughter.  It's one way to lose weight - for the RV anyway.  I can only guess what we'll find out when we reach the Escapade in September and get weighed.

We dined on wild rice and spinach fritters and fresh steamed green beans tonight - yum!  Then I surprised him with a shortcake with strawberries, yogurt and some blueberries on top.

Tomorrow we go to Lanesboro with the disabled kids for a day of fishing and biking.  This is one of the highlights of his driving career.  He just loves this group and it will be interesting to finally share the experience with him.  I will be taking lots of photos and hopefully can run them through Lightroom and be able to post them to the blog in short order.  It seems everything I do these days has a learning curve, but I guess that's good to keep my mind working.

Long Live the Queen!

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  1. Are you loving that camera? I am! My favorite lens for "all around" is my Tamron 18-270 mm. Now if only they would bring out one that goes to 400 mm. Ohhhhh, I can dream. It's so good to hear how things are all falling into place nicely.

    I have a "special" child, so I love to hear how folks enjoy doing fun things for these kids. My family and I used to pick up a group of them sometimes for an outing to the park or a cookout at my in-laws yard. It was always so enjoyable.

    Now I'm off to shop for a new puzzle book. Got to keep my mind sharp. Happy Mothers Day to you. I hope your weekend is fantabulous! Hugs, Edna B.