Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our first night in the RV

We finally have internet and I need to catch up fast.  Let me regroup my thoughts.

On May 1st the tow bar was installed on the new RV and I went in that night for a sleep study.  What an awful night!  Even with my ambien I couldn't fall asleep.  Of course, when you consider the electrodes glued to my head, chest, legs, belly it's understandable.  I felt like a marionette whose wires had been sliced.  Then there was the control box with a gazillon different colored wires sprouting out of it with a lovely lanyard so I could wear it around my neck while strolling to the bathroom.  It was like having Medusa's head resting on my chest.  Every time I tried to turn over or reposition my arms I would inadvertently weave the wires around and through until the kind monitor person would come in and untie me.  Yikes what a night!

May 2nd I woke and met with the doctor and found I don't have sleep apnea - I have SEVERE sleep apnea.  So now I have an appointment to meet with the CPAP people and chose a new style of headware for my new life.  When I got home we received a call that the RV was ready so we headed down to pick it up and take it to Whispering Pines.  We spent the day putting things away and agreeing to toss more things out again.  It was a hot and sticky day but it cooled down towards evening and after supper and a nice shower we went to bed.  There was a delightful breeze all night and the frogs were singing.  Then the lightening started and some thunder - ah....

May 3rd we woke to a torrential downpour with constant thunder and lots of lightening.  Hmmm, there isn't any basement on this thing.  We were able to check out the weather reports and about the time we started to relax the rains slowed down and finally tapered off.  We ran a bunch of stuff back to the house to be dispursed to Goodwill and to be laundered.  I started a load and we headed to the eye doctor to pick out frames for our new glasses since they were having a trunk show and big sale today.  After choosing something bold and new for each of us we had a nice lunch and headed back to the house so I could toss the laundry into the dryer and we emptied stuff out of the freezer.  Bit by bit we are getting all the last vestiges of our life gathered into one spot.  Left Brain left about 5pm for Chicago and will back again on Sunday night so I've got a couple of days to finish up some details here.

Tomorrows goals involve more laundry, cancelling the newspaper and cable at the house, getting some more groceries and contiuing to downsize.  I managed to remove all the CDs and DVDs from their original cases and put them into a pocket container.  I also went through all the recipes I've collected to see which are worthy of typing up tomorrow to store on the computer to get rid of several binders.  I'm hoping that all this shrinking of everything around me will take hold on my body and shrink it also.  That would be a really wonderful form of downsizing!

Hopefully I will be able to purchase and load Lightroom on the new computer as well as Elements and other photo software.  THEN I will get those photos of the new RV prepared for viewing.  I promise - photos will be coming soon.  Even if I have to do it on the old computer.

Long Live the Queen of RV Living

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