Friday, May 18, 2012

Shade for a sunny afternoon

Out here in little RV on the Prairie, the sun can be without mercy.  We have no big trees on this end of the campground, just a few small dead ones that couldn't survive.  But we have full hookups...that's the trade off.  Maybe having shade and having to move every 7 - 10 days to dump would be a better deal.  Perhaps next time as we learn each time we do something.

Having kept the two black mesh screens from when I did shows,  we decided to try to rig them up for shade on the awning.  Isn't it just amazing what a person will decide to hang on to!  But it proved to be worthwhile as they do give us some shade and a small modicum of privacy. It also helps to anchor the awning down during the wind gusts.

It was a quiet day of taking laundry to the laundry mat and cleaning out a couple of the cargo bays to better organize them.  Okay, I admit was just to rearrange something!  Old habits are hard to break.  The laundry experience was more pleasant than I would have thought and it's nice to have all of it done in about an hour while reading my Kindle.
Last night we had a visitor from the campsite next door.  He works on the railroad and they travel with a cat and a Great Dane.  I guess She Devil doesn't take up that much room after all.  I warned them when I went into the RV that I was about to try lighting the pilot light and if they heard a loud explosion they'll know it did not go well.  Found this to be an effective way to send people packing, I must remember this for future use.  Although I enjoyed his company.  Oh well.

It's a strange feeling to sit on the floor with your head in the oven while the gas is on and start flicking the flame on my lighter in search of where you think it should light. This just seems counter-intuitive to me.  You can only imagine the visions running through my head.  But, it did light (after reading the instructions for the third time and realizing I was missing a minor but very important step) and I proceeded to bake my bread.  Okay, it's only a mix where you add water, but I did get to knead it and let it rise, so it's almost like really making bread.

It actually turned out pretty good, so we had French baguettes with our spaghetti and then I made a blueberry parfait with go lean crunch cereal and a chocolote pirouette for garnish.

Long Live the Shady Lady


  1. Your food creations look amazing.

  2. That bread looks delicious! I will write down my stuffed pepper recipe when I make the next batch, and send it to you. This time around I was mainly guessing, but they came out pretty good. My daughter in law and the dwarfs here loved them.

    I'm off now to have a wee nap before it's time to get ready for work. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.