Friday, May 4, 2012

Frenzied Friday

Well, it was supposed to be a leisurely day today.  Sleep in - run a bunch of errands, maybe catch a movie.  But as I was just about ready to go to sleep last night I found my phone and all the voice mail and text messages from the Divine Miss M.  I'd forgotten that Friday was the day our garden club picked up our plant orders.

Oh well, I no longer have a garden....maybe I could skip going.  But then I miss out on lunch and all the gossip that goes with it.  And, then I remembered that my mouth was flapping at the last meeting and I volunteered to pull the order for one of our members who couldn't be there.  I must not drink at those evening meetings, it makes me raise my hand and open my mouth. 

So I went to help out and had a great time as always.  On the way back I was able to show off my new RV to "M".  Then I continued on my merry way and ran all my errands and cancelled the newspaper and cable services.  I managed to get a load of laundry done and ran up to pay Eric for the computer.  After I've made payment then I feel entitled to crack open the box and plug in my new toy.

And what a toy it is!  I loaded up Photoshop Elements and downloaded the flower photos from our last camera club outting.  This baby is so FAST!  I managed to work my way through 50 photos taken in RAW in minutes and so I just had to post a bunch of them here.

I was going to do only photoshop projects on the new PC but I am smitten and in love with my new toy.  It is an Acer with a 17" screen and it is so easy to see and work with the photos.  A big screen is a must for every senior with bifocals!  Thank you Eric and La Crosse Computers.  If you need the perfect computer to suit your needs call 608-783-0000 and tell Eric I sent you.

The thunderstorm is starting up again so I'm going to wrap this up and She Devil and I are going to hunker down in bed and read for a while.  It's been another busy and fun day.  Tomorrow I can relax and enjoy shul and take a much needed day off.

Shabbat Shalom!

Long Live the Queen of Speedy Computers


  1. Sorry we weren't back for the photo shoot. You got some great photos. Hope to make it to the meeting on Tuesday. You'll be there of course. The meetings and judging won't be the same without you but enjoy life. We actually after three months away came up with the opposite feelings. Home and green looks so good! We will don't want anymore that long of trips but plan many shorter ones. Isn't it fun that we are all different or there wouldn't be any room in the RV parks! Enjoy! Mary Ann

  2. I love your photos. Gosh, it's hard to believe that you're already in your new home! I wish you much good luck and happiness as you start out on your new adventure. Have a fabulous day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. I plan on traveling vicariously with you.
    Wishing you many great adventures! Amazing lady, you are!
    ...and many of your plants are spreading in my backyard! lois