Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The last week with two cars

Since we still have the use of a second car I have been ripping and running all week seeing friends and running errands...just because I can.  Things will be drastically different next week when we must learn to share.  The calendar will be used to show time slots reserved by one another in a lame attempt to avoid conflicts.  THIS should be interesting.

I now have a CPAP machine for my sleep apnea and am struggling to learn to love it.  They are better than they have been in the past but it's still like strapping an athletic support cup to your face with a six foot umbilical cord. When it gets bumped (as it often does with my "active" style of sleeping) it becomes misaligned and creates the most amusing farty sounds.  When I refer to being wild in the bedroom, this is what I really mean.

My most recent lunch gathering was with Judi, Phyllis, Marti and myself at Panera for a three hour lunch.  Man, can we talk or what!  It was nice to have Judi and Marti meet in person as they only know each other due to Facebook comments.  While there we all kept meeting other people we know.  I guess if you stay there long enough you'll see a number of people.

During the course of the conversation someone commented on us being a group of mature women, but that could be misconstrued with being responsible, so another changed it to being a "seasoned" group of ladies.  I finally decided that as long as we've been around, we could pass for a bunch of "marinated" old women.  Oh the beauty of aging.  Each of us had tales of personal struggles we are currently working through and it felt good to share.  Such is the power of conversation with females.

Later that night I picked up Miss M again for camera club and after the brief program on how to shoot animals and children...with a camera that is...we all split up for our assignment of nighttime photography.

Miss M and I went to the top of the parking ramp where we learned that snow has it's own parking spot at the tippy top from November through April.  I never knew that.  I wasn't in love with any of the photos I took but will share one of them here to show the night life of La Crosse.  I'm never downtown (or any where else) late at night, so I was shocked to find out how many people are out and about on a Tuesday evening.  Amazing.

Long Live the Queen of Night Life (as long as it ends by 9pm)


  1. I love your nightlife photo. That's one of the assignments I'm working on this weekend. The other is water photos with a slow shutter speed. Seeing as how I have the next several days off, I'm hoping to get these assignments caught up and finished. I love learning all the new stuff. I don't envy you having to share one car. For some reason, I feel a bit secure knowing that my car is always sitting right outside the door whenever I want or need it. Silly, huh? You have a great day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. This turned out wonderful...I didn't feel well enough to trap about and carry everything. Gene was helping Ryan lay a tile floor in his bathroom. The color is awesome...this is definitely a winner unless you get someone who doesn't like blue! Enjoy!