Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another quiet day

Day by day we keep getting ourselves established in our new life on the road.  I never imagined so many places to inform of our new address and lifestyle.

He's always on that phone!
While Left Brain went to the dentist yesterday I went shopping at TJ in search of a storage solution to all the loose papers and paraphenilia that seems to float around on the table near our computers.  Believe me, even with as much as we have on the computers now...life is not without papers everywhere!  I foiund the perfect desk organizers that match our color scheme beautifully and have conquered the mess.  Of course, our "desk top" happens to be the bench seat we sit on to keep the table top as clear as possible.

She Devil's favorite spot
We met up at Manny's for a nice Mexican lunch in their outside dining area and then went to meet with our financial advisor about our life changes and how to handle some issues we had questions on.  It looks like we will be setting up a bank account with Wells Fargo to make sure we have access to cash through a debit card nationwide.

Then we went over to the clinic to complete the release of information forms for them to put our medical history on a CD so we can have our records with us in case of an emergency.  I love this electronic age we life in!

He went on his motorcycle to deliver the DVD of the fishing and biking trip to Lanesboro to the professor who is making a memory CD for everyone in case he is able to use any of my photos.  I ran the car through the car wash and then got groceries and headed home.

That night we dined on bacon wrapped sirloin and green beans outside on our little "patio" area.  I had purchased a small rug for this spot during the rainy season when I got tired of trucking through mud all the time.  It does help to define the area.  We rigged up the solar shade behind us to offer a bit of relief from the harsh setting sun out here in our prairie settings.  No big trees to shield us here.  But no matter what the circumstances we live in...it's going to change in a month or two anyway so we don't get too upset.

Long Live the Queen of Trailer Trash


  1. I was so excited to see photos I haven't read the words that go with them yet. It's like hearing about a person and creating a face in my mind before meeting them. Your new home is beautiful, keep sharing the adventures with us!

  2. I'm lovin your photos. Your new home looks wonderful. It looks so much roomier than I had imagined. Is that a smile on hubby's face? He looks so relaxed. Enjoy yourselves, and keep those photos coming. Have a fabulous day, Hugs, Edna B.