Friday, June 1, 2012

Campground VS RV park

One might think the two are synonymous but I say NAY NAY.

Campground is by its very name a ground you camp on.  This equates to being overly packed and rambuctious during a holiday weekend.  Whispering Pines does a very good job of enforcing the quiet hours and I've had no complaint, but on weekends it gets much more crowded.

This is because people that come out just on the weekends to relax and party visit campgrounds.

RV parks sound a bit more permanent and many have long term residents.  The ages tend to be older and the pace much slower.  This is much more our scene, being the old fogies we are.  Nothing against kids, we love the grandkids and they enjoyed the craziness of all the other kids while spending Memorial Day weekend with us.  We just prefer life in the slow lane. least we had a home for a long weekend holiday and were not forced to spend our time at a Wal-Mart or someone's driveway. 

We will be moving northward soon for a two month stay just north of the cities.  I cringe to think of what the campground might be like for Fourth of July, but I'll just have to roll with whatever comes my way.  Our daughter checked it out and gave it an A plus rating.  Apparently it has more of a state park feel to it and the lots are nice and big.

Long Live the Queen of RV Parks

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  1. Thank you for that clarification. I'm one of those folks who did not know the difference between the types of parks. Do take lots of photos as you travel. I have not seen much of the Central and Western parts of our country, and am traveling through your photos. Have a great weekeng. Hugs, Edna B.