Friday, June 8, 2012

Reactions to our radical lifestyle

We were at a party recently and people commented on our change of lifestyle.  It's always interesting to see the reactions we get.

It seems to be divided into two camps, those excited for us and those who think we are nuts.  There doesn't tend to be much of a middle ground here; very similar to the reaction to cats, you either love them or hate them.

In one group there will be glazed eyes and admiration as they confess that they would love to just chuck everything and do what we're doing.  Or at least to get rid of all the extra stuff and have a smaller house.  I think this path will be embraced by many Baby Boomers as we age and look for an easier life.

The second group will lean back in horror and grimace as if we just told them we were serial killers.  Often these people feel compelled to hiss "I could NEVER do THAT" like it's something illegal or immoral.  Hey, I never said this was for everyone!

We're even different among our fellow RV'ers.  As I was walking through the campground today I noticed that in an ocean of white and tan RV's we are living in a black one with silver trim and towing a black car.  I kind of feel like the motorhome mafia and have considered wearing sunglasses and lots of gold chains.

I guess we're just destined to always stand apart somehow.

Long Live the Queen of Oddities

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  1. Your Left Brain looks oh so happy here. It's okay to be different. Look at the garden, everything a different size and color, yet so very beautiful together. What matters is that you and hubby feel and think. I say "Bravo" to you for following your dreams. You have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.