Thursday, June 14, 2012

And we're off!

Bye bye Sue!
We packed up, pulled in the slides, lifted the jacks and headed for the outside of the campground to attach the car.  So far the scooter is staying on.  After a little difficulty getting the brake buddy connected and a phone call to Coulee Region RV we were on our way.  And then there was a knock at the door.  A knock at the door while we're moving?  Huh?  Surprise, surprise, it was our friend Sue Schettle running over to say goodbye.....literally.  She was staying overnight at Whispering Pines and saw us pulling away.  So we invited her in for an extremely brief tour since there's not much to see with the sides in and everything packed up ready to roll, but it's always nice to leave with a hug goodbye.

Left Brain started out driving and we stopped at Lake City for lunch about noon just as the rain started to come down.  After fortifying ourselves with burgers and fries we dodged the raindrops back to the RV and the Queen took the wheel.  This was scary, but necessary to start my motorhome driving 101 course. Thank goodness I have one of the best drivers available to teach me.

Let me make this perfectly clear before I even start to tell you about that adventure.  The lanes are really not wide enough for me to drive on.  Seriously.  Yeah, yeah...I know...semis and larger trucks manage to manuver their way, but the Queen behind the wheel of the RV....not so much.

It took a while to get the hang of the steering wheel, not to mention what happens when a semi sucks you over or the wind hits you broadside and pushs you to the side.  I saw it as two choices actually, would I prefer to die in a head on crash or by flipping off the side.  That's pretty much it.....take your pick.

I did not cause this....I swear!

I thought the worst part was getting through town with parked cars and stop lights at first.  Then I changed my mind and figured that rolling up and down hills on a two lane road was much worse.

Meeting a semi on a narrow (at least to me it seemed narrower) bridge brought forth of images of two sumo wrestlers trying to fit through a doorway at the same wasn't going to be pretty.  Left Brain got a bit excited at this point but managed to stay cool, in spite of imminent death. 

Then we approached the cities and I seriously wondered what the hell I was doing behind the wheel of this beast in five lane traffic!  I found myself holding my breath when I had two semis pass me at the same time, one on each side.  Good Lord!  I don't even want to talk about trying to change lanes in city traffic.  Oh, did I mention it was raining?

After a while I had 10 second episodes of not thinking about it...just driving.  My fingers started to loosen their grip and my shoulders came down from under my ears to their normal position.  My jaw even began to unclench.  Normally I'm pretty chatty while traveling but I was unable to speak or look around.  My only views were to check  the backup camera to assure me the car was still there, the side mirrors to see what traffic was coming and the lane in front of me to see if I was in the right spot. I was either getting the hang of it or going into shock, not real sure.

I know it's crazy but I also found myself ducking when we went under bridges.  You know how low it feels in parking ramps, that's the same sensation I had with the bridges.  What?  You don't feel the ceilings are too low?  Oh.  I guess it's just me.  Never mind.
Thank G-d we didn't go through the Lowry Tunnel, I think that might have unhinged me completely.

this is what we passed ....thank goodness LB was at the wheel
Finally we pulled over to get gas and I sprang from the drivers seat like it had an ejection button.  Thankfully Left Brain took over at the pumps and not a minute too soon.  This was what greeted us as we got back on the road.  

In a short period of time we arrived at the campground.  I ran in to get checked in and was greeted by a lovely Irish lass named Molly O'Keeffe.  We got maps and rules and she had our mail.  Things are looking up.

She Devil basking in the view out our front window
Since it was down to a mild drizzle, Left Brain jumped out to do the outside set up and I got the inside prepared.  Then we snacked on some watermelon and opened up the months worth of mail that was delivered.  There's not much in the fridge for supper so we'll do with snacks tonight and find groceries in the morning.

So, all in all it was a good first day.  I drove and nobody died.  We arrived and got settled in. 

Long Live the Queen 


  1. Gosh, woman. You sure are brave. Before you know it, you'll be driving that RV like it was second nature. It's good that you're all settled in the new place. She Devil sure looks quite comfy and at home.

    I'm at work, but going home in about an hour and a half. It's been a long shift. Today is supposed to be a beauty, so here's hoping. You have a fabulous day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. What in earth possessed you to decide to take your first time behind the wheel in rain of all things? Lordy, you are one crazy Queen. Hope the weather clears up and you can take a ride on your scooter...