Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Learning about Layers in Photoshop

Tuesday was a very interesting day for the four of us as we gathered around the table with our laptops and explored the art of adding textures to a photo to give it some age and pizazz.

A big thank you to Judi for sharing all her knowledge with us, or at least the amount we were able to understand.  We all came away from our experience with so many new tools and ideas brain was numb!

It's a lot of work to add layer upon layer upon layer to an image to keep tweaking and morphing it, but it's so much fun and I can't wait to try it with some other images in my library.  I personally love the storybook quality it takes on.

Today Left Brain and I ran a bunch of errands to finish things up before we head north.  As if it's not enough we are staying at "Whispering Pines" which sounds like a nursing home, today we went to "the scooter store" to look for a second vehicle option.

Okay, this was at Two Brothers Honda and I think we have found the one we want.  Tomorrow we'll take the motorcycle in to see what they'd give us for trade and what kind of deal they can make us on the scooter.  Now I need to get a motorcycle license so I can drive it.  Hey...why not?  I've never had that license before, I might as well add this to everything else new going on in my life!

So I visited the DMV to get my booklet to study on and will take the written test tomorrow.  Then I need to sign up for a road course.  Then the Queen will become a motorcycle mama - well, actually on a scooter but the principle is the same.

Wish me luck!

Long Live the Queen (who WILL wear a helmet to improve those odds)

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  1. I saw Judy at our LR class last night and she told me about your "gathering". It's harder to do somethings with Elements when teaching from CS5 but if anyone can do it Judy can! And you guys are so creative and smart that it will be second nature soon. We drove into WP's about 2 weekends ago but couldn't find your RV. I never was there before was I ever surprised at all the people and size...I think it was Memorial Day surprise. Wishing you great travels up north.