Thursday, June 7, 2012

A new twist for the day

Bzzzzzzz...that was my alarm clock this morning in the form of a mosquito dive bombing me.  I valiantly fought him off and slid further under the covers but then found I couldn't breathe. 

Last night was a difficult night for me versus the CPAP machine and I ended up chucking it unceremoniously into a corner and trying to sleep without it.  At that moment I wished I had it strapped securely to my face to allow me breathe under the covers.  Kind of like scuba diving in bed. But since I couldn't breathe and had murder on my mind I flung back the covers and..... yeeoooow!

My head refused to move to the right.  I must have slept on it funny or something....but there was nothing amusing about the pain level.  I walked cautiously to the bathroom for some Aleve thinking that would remedy the situation.

Then I managed to strip the beds and gather the laundry for the weekly trip to the laundrymat later in the day.  Ouch!  This is where I learned I cannot pick up anything heavy with the right hand without shooting pain into the neck.  This pain in the neck has become a pain in the neck and is slowing me down!  Unacceptable!  The Queen is NOT amused!

But I valiantly went onward in my errands since I had the car this morning while Left Brain was out golfing with Larry Boy.  I stopped at Shopko for some containers for the kitchen and dropped off stuff at Goodwill.  The quantities are much less now and they don't cringe when they see me coming any more.

Then I picked up She Devil's pain killers, kind of a morphine like substance for her arthritis.   Yeah...I was tempted, but decided I'd better not try using any of it on myself.

After grabbing a quick lunch at Pickerman's (I'm going to miss them so much!), I drove back to the DMV armed with all my new knowledge about motorcycle safety and prepared to take the test.  I had just started the test when I realized it was for the car, not a motorcycle...and I had gotten a couple of the questions wrong.  Holy cow!  What if I continued this and flunked it....would they remove my license from me?  I informed the nice lady that it was the wrong test and she cancelled it out and started the motorcycle exam for me.  Whew.  I only missed three questions so I got to have my photo taken (always a thrill) and paid for my permit.  I've signed up for a road class in September when we are back in the area that allows me to waive the drivers test at the DMV, so I'm one step closer to our goal.  First the motorcycle and then the motorhome...I will learn to drive both of them!

Then I met Left Brain at the laundry mat where he assisted in getting the laundry started.  He had already dropped his motorcycle off at Two Brothers Powersports to see what he could get for a trade in.  By the time the clothes were in the dryer we were the proud owner of a bright blue scooter and minus a motorcycle.  This will be our second vehicle in our new we can both drive, hopefully.

After completing my folding of the laundry I hustled over to Office Depot to purchase the new version of Publisher since we were not able to get the old version to cooperate with the Windows 7 on my new laptop.  I use this for postcards, address labels, business cards and newsletters so now I can get it downloaded and get busy with it.

On the way home I stopped in to see Dr Ted and see if he can fix my neck.  It did feel better after some adjustments and I'll see how the weekend goes.  I will miss his magic hands also.

We enjoyed a supper of grilled pork chops and steamed snap peas followed by yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries for dessert.   I've learned to tolerate the feeling of an ice pack tied to my throat now and am hoping it is better in the morning.

Long Live the Pain in the,I mean the Queen 

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  1. I think your mosquito is adorable! Too bad he wasn't as friendly as he is cute. I wish we had friendly Photoshop classes around here. It would be so much more fun (and easier) to learn how to use it. I don't know anyone around here that uses it. Heck, I don't even know anyone around here who plays with graphics or does blogging on their PC.

    You are one very brave lady. Back in my thirties, I bought me a little motorcycle and tried to teach myself how to drive it. After five accidents (all in parking lots) one of which was really bad, I gave the motorcycle away with 17 original miles on it!

    All I can say is that I tried and was able to cross one more thing off my "want to learn" list. Now I have to get ready for work. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.