Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo fun with Marti

this is after cleaning up the photo and adding a diffuser filter
Today Marti and I went to Viroqua to pick up the dolls that were on exhibit and on the way we stopped to photo whatever we found interesting.

this is before any manipulations
If you had asked us a year ago if we could ever envision the day we'd be excited enough about an abandoned car and old school house to maker a u-turn and haul out the tripods we would laughed in your face.

But that's exactly what we did.  These just begged to  be photographed and played with on Photoshop.

There's a simple beauty in old things....other than ourselves, and we enjoy shooting them.

this is the house I'll be working on tomorrow
We stopped on the way home to see Irving and Karen and how they were doing after their biking accident.  Actually, they never got as far as the biking part as a young driver managed to rear end them hard enough to flip the car over and tumble them around and about.

After an ambulance ride to the hospital and many stitches both are functioning as well as to be expected with only one good hand between them.

Tomorrow we are heading to another friends house to play with the house images we took today and see what tricks she can teach us.

Oh, so many things to learn!

Long Live the Queen of Old Junk

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  1. Such an interesting photo, the old car. I must try more of the filters. I've been mostly using texture overlays and blending modes. We've been having a lot of rain so I'm building up my stash of raindrop photos. (I think I need a life!) lol. You have a great day. Hugs, Edna B.