Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How can life be this busy?

We're retired folk with nothing but time on our hands....so why don't we have enough of it? 

After parting with my art work, yard work and Left Brain's bus  driving you'd think we'd be bored out of our minds sitting here in the shade.  

I've missed blogging for a couple of days because it seems there's always something to do or somewhere to go!

First of all let me catch up with a couple of photos I took around the campground.  The photo above of the dragonfly is one of my favorites.  Since I'm not real steady hand holding it wasn't terribly sharp so I applied a dry brush filter to it, one of my favorites. 

Then I added a couple of different textures to it, one being a photo of peeling barn wood I took a long time ago and finished it off by putting it into the puzzle frame.  I like the effect if I don't say so myself.  This is what I'm hoping to do more of in the future.

This photo is of an emu at our campground (behind a fence, thank goodness...these birds are HUGE) and I added a frame and text to him.

His face was situated nicely in the center of the large fence which allowed for cloning it out easily. 

I wasn't about to stick my camera through there!

They give the term "Big Bird" a whole new meaning and with their unruly hair and penetrating eyes are a bit too scary looking for Sesame Street.

Monday was rainy so Left Brain and I took off to Camping World for some shopping fun and then I left for the laundry mat and groceries.  It's a job I prefer to do alone as it's restful to me in some strange way.

By the time I got back I had barely enough time to set up the drying rack for the shirts that weren't quite dry and to get ready to go to our youngest granddaughter'a soccer game. 

Unfortunately my camera battery died and I didn't have the spare with me.  I guess it really doesn't help to have an extra battery back at the RV.  Sigh.  She was so cute in her little soccer outfit but when the ball comes towards her that sweet little freckled face with her sunny smile is gone and there's a very determined young woman guarding the goal.

After the game we celebrated with a trip to Cherry Berry for frozen yogurt.  You get three little cups to test taste from the self service area and then fill up your cup with your choices of frozen yogurt and toppings where they weigh the purchase and charge you.

But today should be a quieter day and tonight we go to the oldest granddaughter's soft ball game.  I will have TWO fully charged batteries with me this time and won't let that happen again.

Long Live the Queen of Busy


  1. What a great looking dragonfly. I don't think I've seen one like that. You did a nice job on the texturing and applying puzzle pieces to it. That poor emu looks a bit cranky and no wonder - it's missing a large batch of hair. Ouch. That would make me cranky too. I have to agree with you about the time. It seems that the more time I have, the less I can accomplish. Strange. You have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Going to give Al a run for his award with that great dragonfly. Did you spray it with water to get it to settle for you!

  3. Never enough hours in the day...