Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pulling the pieces together

I'm a person who resists change, it makes me feel uncertain and inadequate.  So you can image how my mind is fluttering as we seem to be making some kind of new decision every day.  It will feel good when we've done this long enough for it to become normal and to stop tackling some new project every day or having to make major decisions.  Although....I am able to look at a menu and decide much more quickly now, so I have progressed.

This is our last weekend here at Whispering Pines and we're busy preparing for what I call our practice launch, since we're still somewhat in the "home" area.  Interior Designs managed to correct my faux pas with the Corian countertop and it is again smooth and straight.  Now I know that you must remove both covers while cooking AND using the oven and not to replace them until it is COOL.  In my effort to keep everything looking neat and tidy they were replaced too soon and this caused the warp.  But I'm on to it now and it will not happen again on my watch! 

They also have some half-samples of carpet that worked perfectly for my itsy bitsy bathroom floor.  It is a bit like playing house where everything is just a little smaller than normal...except for us. 

Drops?  In my eyes?   We'll see about that!
She Devil had a visit to the vet on Friday and she continues to lose weight, which is not good.  Her eyes are getting worse and what we thought was the beginning of cataracts is not.  So, in addition to her four injections a day we will be adding eye drops to her regime. 

That ought to be interesting!  She will be 15 years old next month and with her diabetes is probably approaching her final years.  So, we do the best we can and lavish her with attention while we can.

After running some errands we'll finally get to see the movie we've been waiting for (Marigold Hotel) and then Left Brain needs to teach me how to ride the scooter.  Then I can compete with the little girl on her pink and white bicycle who is learning how to ride also.  I wonder if he'd mind adding some cool tassels to my handlebars?

Long Live the Queen of Chaos

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  1. I, too, resist change. I'm happy with my old broken in shoe. (so to speak) Tootsie says to tell She Devil that the drops in the eye are not so bad. (not so good either) Tootsie has to have them three times a day. The bad side of the drops is that they make the face rather dirty, so now she has to have her face washed more often. As for the pink tassles, I say go for it! I hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs, Edna B.