Sunday, June 24, 2012

Revamping old habits

this is was with the old camera and lens
While visiting National Camera in Minneapolis I found a Tamron lens that had 18 - 270 mm.  Hmmm.  It was also shorter and heavier than my existing 70 - 300 mm lens.  Both have Image Stabilization (IS).  What can I say?  I wanted this lens!  I need this lens!

Then I found out that the lens was normally $600 but there was a $100 rebate if done before June 30th AND there is a $50 trade in on any lens you bring in.  Add to that another $25 discount for having attended their workshop recently.  I didn't actually attend this, but the nice man gave me the paper work anyway. 

Needless to say my head was swimming with possibilities and dreams of going back in on Monday to make the deal!

sometimes you just need to take the time to chew it over slowly
However, today I took a calmer approach to the issue.  First, I sorted out my camera gear and put the second camera body and it's components into a box for storage.  Then I arranged my group of lenses in a smaller compartment for storage and eliminated the need for a huge, oversized camera bag.

The old me would have jumped at this deal and spent a few hundred dollars on new equipment in the belief that if I owned this lens I would be a fabulous photographer. 

The new me said "nay nay" as I fully realize having the equipment doesn't change anything.  And truth be told, I'm not fully utilizing what I have right now. 

Plus I've experienced difficulty finding the time to explore the software I've purchased and haven't fully learned the current camera I own.

So, I smiled and tossed the flyer and papers into the trash knowing I have exactly what I need and it's already paid for.   I no longer have to keep running after the "stuff" that will make me who I am....I'm already there.

Long Live the Older and Much Wiser Queen


  1. I love what you did with the deer photo. As for the Tamron lens, that's the lens that I use all the time. I have the one with the piezo drive. I just love it, and rarely use any of my other lenses. But you are right, unless you learn what you are trying to do, the equipment won't matter. So I just keep on learning. You have a great night. (I'm at work) Hugs, Edna B.

  2. Isn't it funny when "not" buying something feels good?

  3. YOur deer photo is awesome and I am envious as I have never shot a blue bird! If you want to play with something less money and I think more bang for your buck is a doubler. Both Edna and I have one and it takes a little getting use to but it really works! I got some awesome bird photos in AZ I would have never got without it. Enjoy! Mary Ann