Saturday, June 16, 2012

Our first couple of days at the new place

We are all settled in and as you can see, She Devil is enjoying her recent copy of Cat Fancy.

Her eyes are bad so she has to get really close, but she enjoys sprawling out on the dashboard and catching up with her reading.

We finished setting up on Friday morning, getting the scooter off the car, chairs set up, plants out of the bathtub and the awning out.  The scenery is much nicer here, with heavy woods behind us. The surrounding area is soft dirt and there's a healthy supply of mosquitos.  Putting the outdoor patio carpet down will help with that and I picked up a mosquito lantern for when we sit outside.

We had our first visitors that afternnoon when the family arrived with Ted's father-in-law to check out our new digs.  We went for a walk and checked out the petting zoo area.  They have a llama, several goats, two emus and some chickens.  One of the baby goats was rejected by its mother and has free run of the place.  His name is Cookies and Cream and when I get photos posted you'll see the name fits quite nicely.  He lives on the deck and has a pet carrier to sleep in and has no qualms about jumping up onto the table to share your food or drink.

The menfolk were down on the dock to show the girls the fine art of casting....otherwise known as drowning worms.  My daughter lost her necklace as it fell from her neck and slipped between the crack in the pier.  But three gallant young men came to our rescue (ages roughly seven or eight) and retrieved it for her.

The swimming area is quite shallow and has a swingset placed right in the water.  Very refreshing on a hot summer day.  There are a couple of nice ponds in addition to the lake with lots of water lilies and Canada geese and their young uns.  We were told by another resident of the campground that there is a large snapping turtle that likes to come down the lane we are camped on...that will be an interesting sight.  So, there shouldn't be any lack of photo opportunties during our stay here.

Later that afternnoon we headed en mass (all twelve of us) to the Twins vs Brewers game downtown.  It is a beautiful stadium tucked into the downtown buildings and the weather was perfect, with a soft breeze.  The downtown skyline was visible over the top of the stadium and it was a joy to watch the changing colors as night progressed.

The sad thing was that it seemed very few  were actually watching the ballgame.  Why anyone would be busy with their electronic devices with all this going on, I have no clue.  The focus seemed to be more on eating, drinking, playing electronic games, texting and googling. 

The infield hasspectacular lights and images to hold your attention.  So much so that it was hard to find the score of the game.  Big electronic screens with the photos and information of each player and recaps of some of the more memorable plays. Fireworks go off the top of the major display when the Twins hit a home run. What does this say about the shortening of the younger generation's attention span?

It's hard to me to focus also...SQUIRREL! but I found it hard to take my eyes off the players and seeing the events unfold live right in front of me.  At $35 a ticket it just seems a waste to not actually...I don't know.... watch the game.  I've noticed this at movies also recently, in spite of all the ads and warnings to turn off cellular devices.  Why pay for admission to a theatre and then sit there and play a game on your phone all the way through it?

I guess I'm just old, I enjoy taking in what I'm there to see or do and have actual conversations with people, or at an event where there is something to watch...just watching it.  But it must be an old fogey thing.

Long Live the Crotchity Old Queen


  1. Sounds like a good start to this part of your journey - it's a quiet rainy day "back home"

  2. Sad to say, you're right. It's an old fogey thingy. I think in future generations, people won't have to buy a cell phone - they will be born with them already attached to one of their ears.

    Sounds like this new park is really beautiful. I wonder how She Devil will take to the wandering goat. The photo of her reading her magazine is adorable. Tootsie isn't into reading but she does love to watch music on TV. Right now, we're watching a special on WGBH featuring Peter, Paul and Mary.

    Thank you for your wonderful comments my fried. You have a good night.
    Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Well I think it's just fine being an old fogey in this case. Glad that your surroundings are nicer. ENJOY!