Monday, June 25, 2012

Reflections on other tin homes I've lived in

It's interesting to reflect on ones life journey and how far we've come... or not.

My early adult life began in a metal trailer, a very small one, with my first husband.

In this trailer were the standard funishings: double bed, table and bench seats, tiny kitchen and gas heater.  Our refrigerator sat outside the front door as there was no space for it inside. In the winter I put the lunch meat inbetween the windows to keep it cold and easy to access.

There was also a non functioning bathroom where we stored stuff.  We shared this space with two lab-shepherd cross dogs, two cats and two turtles.  Oh, did I mention there was no plumbing or running water? 

When I was a small child, gypsies would camp behind my fathers gas station and I wanted so badly to be one of those children our mothers warned us about. One of the lucky chosen few that were kidnapped and lived their lives on the road with the gypsies. It sounded so much more glamorous and exciting that the life I the move!

After I left the first husband I moved in with my cousin, Bonnie, who lived in a mobile home but with running water and all the comforts.  After leaving her domicile I've lived in apartments, stick built houses and yet another mobile home.
I guess I've always had a love affair with houses on wheels.

Our first little camper
After my marriage to Left Brain we did a lot of camping and went through the normal progression of tents, pop-up campers, a 21 foot class C mini-motorhome and then a 35' mobile home. 

Left Brain would have liked to have full timed when he retired, but the circumstances weren't right for me yet and being the patient man he is... he waited.

Yes, the clock shows 5:30 AM

Since he was driving "part-time" (and I say that tongue in cheek) for Ready Bus, we never utilized the motorhome and sold it.  We continued living in our ranch house near the woods for another ten years. 

Wanting to revisit the "camping" experience and get away from the snow and cold for a month or two, we started our journey over again with our little canned ham, and as my long term readers have found out we loved it so much we decided to finally live full time in an RV...just needed one a bit bigger.

And thus I started my sixties by returning to my early roots of living in a canned ham of sorts...although a much larger and more luxurious one this time.  So, it appears I may be ending my journey the same way I started on wheels.

Long Life the Queen of the Road


  1. Gosh, you are one brave lady. I don't think I would have lasted very long in that first trailer. It was basically a roof to keep out the rain. I like trailers, but I also like my comforts. You've come a long way on the RV trail. I meant to comment on that beautiful shot of the bluebird yesterday. I'm jealous. I've never seen a bluebird around here. We're in the middle of a monsoon here. Hope your weather is nice. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  2. You've come a long way Baby from the looks of your new wheels... Happy rolling along. Hugs.