Saturday, June 30, 2012

Eating crow

I love crows. I think they are just the coolest bird alive, but I wasn't sure how they  might taste. 

I've found that crow isn't too bad if you prepare it properly.  And since I'm used to have my foot in my mouth, my tastes have been altered.

As you will recall in a previous blog post my pride in being able to say no to purchasing yet another "thing" that wasn't needed.

Well, after that post I learned that may of the photographers I admire use that 18-270 mm lens as their "go to lens".  Hmmm.  Now I needed to rethink this choice.

Many of my friends have admitted they also have the 70 -300 lens but seldom ever use it anymore.

Hmmm.  It would be nice to have ONE lens that covered most of my needs.

So, I returned humbly to the store and now own this lens.

I guess my resolve wasn't as strong as I thought and I now have one more "thing" added to my stash.'s small and lightweight and at a great price.

Does anyone need a canon 70-300 IS lens?  I'm looking to sell one!

There....I've now had my daily required portion of crow.

Long Live the Queen of Caw Caw Caw

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  1. Oh boy! I think youre going to just love this lens. It's a great "go everywhere" lens. It takes great photos, and I use it for macro and telephoto. I have a decent collection of lenses, but this is my favorite. Let me know how you like it. Good luck and happy shooting with it. Have a great evening, hugs, Edna B.