Sunday, July 1, 2012

Water lilies

this has a water color filter
Left Brain and I took a walk around the lake today. 

Well, we tried to and almost completed our goal when the road ended.

He was for wading across and with the biting deer flies I didn't really want to backtrack either, but wasn't sure what might be in that water or how deep it was.

this is posterized
I wasn't fearing for my own safety (or his for that matter) but was worried about my camera.

The water lilies are thick in this pond and I find they do well with filters added to the image.  Especially when the shots weren't real great to start with.

my "sand hill crane"
We also saw this "sand hill crane" on our walk.  I pointed it out to Left Brain and he spun around all excited and kept asking "where...where?". 

Then he finally got it.  A crane sitting on a sandy hill.

I just crack myself up doing that.

Mama and her youngsters
Then we spotted this mother goose and her little ones, which aren't so little any more.

But the sun was blazing hot now and it was time to head back to the shade and comfort of the motorhome.

Long Live the Queen of the Camera

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  1. I love how you are using the filters on your photos. However, I absolutely adore your photo of "Mama and her youngsters". What a beautiful, serene feeling this photo gives you. It would look gorgeous hanging on a wall. Did you take these with your new lens? Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.