Saturday, July 21, 2012

Po Story

Po is a Teletubby.  I've never understood what that really was.  He has a strange growth coming out of his head.  Is he an alien?  They only talk in gibberish, or so it appears to me.  But, it could just be a language I've never heard.  I've been accused of talking in gibberish myself, so I guess I shouldn't be so quick to speak ill of their language.

Don't ask me what they are or why they were so popular on TV, I've never understood the fascination  There was a time not so long ago that Kiersten and Po were inseparable.

Po came with on all her visits to us and slept with her.  She'd forgotten him one time and we had to ship him to her poste-haste!

And then Po disappeared.  His departure is shrouded in mystery.  Was he lost?  Was he sold?  Was he given away?  Only one fact remained...he was GONE.

Kiersten got over it and soon Po was just a fond memory, until recently he resurfaced at a friends house.  The stories of how he got there were varied.

Some believe he was sold at a rummage sale by the mother who believed she was done with him.  There were rumors of the sister giving him away to another little girl.  There were wild speculations about being sold into white slavery.  The truth may never be known.

After finding him, Kiersten was required to pay the $2.50 rummage sale fee to buy him back.  A small price to save an old friend.

So Po is back in our lives again and we're trying to convince her that he really needs to be our mascot for trips we make and it would be a great learning experience for Po to travel, but our words fall on deaf ears.

However, I did get some photos of him when we first regained his return from captivity, so he may still be our mascot in a Photoshopping sense.

So, that's the story of Po and his Re-PO-ssession.

Long Live the Queen of Teletubbies

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  1. $2.50 is cheap enough for a treasured memory. I never quite got into the teletubbies, but the little purpe one was my brothers favorite little guy. He had him sitting on his computer monitor. I got soppy over the beanie babies. I have bags and bags of them. Go figure! You have a wonderful night. Hugs, Edna B.