Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meeting new people

Friday the 13th was a lovely day for those of us parked in the shade.  I did a little cleaning and headed out to run my errands.  First step, read the meter and pay for last months usage and for next months rent.  Our mail had arrived so I got the wash started and delivered the mail to Left Brain to start the slitting and sorting process.  I returned to the office to reserve our site again for two months next year and as I was leaving, Cookies and  Cream had just gotten into the corn bucket.  She was kind enough to wait for me to take the photo,so I did this very slowly so he could really pig out....we're a team.

On the way back to the laundry I met a couple out bird watching and struck up a conversation.  Found out that they were Escapees members and we hugged each other right there in the driveway.  It's what we's an Escapee tradition.  They invited us over for drinks at 4:00 at their RV and I continued on to the laundry to shift things from the washer to the dryer.

While there I met a nice lady that half time RV's between here (her home area) and Phoenix.  We talked of our travels (we all seem to have travel lust) and I've now added Savannah to my bucket list of places to visit.  My main calling is Charleston SC since that's the only state I've not yet been to and after chatting with her I think we'd better allow about a month there to see everything.

She left and since she was waiting for one of my dryers I put her sheets in as soon as my dryers opened up, started it up and left it to surprise her.  There.... one Random Act of Kindness completed for the day.  What a great feeling for only $1.00.

After returning with freshly done laundry I headed out to Cub Foods for some grocery shopping.  Such a busy day!  I assembled a bowl of fruit to take with us to the neighbors and got that odd bottle of wine cooler and beer out of the fridge.

We were there for about an hour chatting and getting to know each other.  They've been full timing for about six or seven years and showed us their solar panels as they boondock often, something we are looking forward to trying.

But as soon as we heard the rumble of thunder we started to pack up, even though it was a short walk away and it was a good thing.  We got in just as the rain started to come down.  Left Brain still grilled our pork chops under the awning for supper and we enjoyed a lovely night listening to the pitter patter of rain as well as the cooler temperature and good sleeping it provided.

We do enjoy the simple life but I see I've started to schedule things with the Meet Up group here in the cities to try out some different things.  There's so much to do up here, and much of it is free.  Maybe we need to stay longer next year?

I couldn't figure out why I have been so tired but looking back I think we're resting up from the frenzy of selling the house and moving on to our new life in a two month time span.  And it's hot....that saps the energy also.  And we're old....well, enough said.

Long Live the Queen of Aiding and Abetting Goat Misbehavior

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  1. I'm enjoying your photos. That little goat is too cute, and the cat in the chair has the right idea. Snacks, TV and a comfy seat...does it get any better at the end of the day? You have a good night. Hugs, Edna B.