Thursday, July 12, 2012

Loving this new lens

I never thought I could shoot well without a tripod....but I can!

When the salesman said he felt the Tamron VC (vibration control) was more powerful than Canon's IS (image stabilization), I thought it was just sales talk.  He may have been right. 

This photo is with the Tamron 18- 270 zoomed all the way out and handheld.   I couldn't believe the detail in the wings and twig.  There has been no enhancement to this shot, just the basic adjustment of the levels and cropping.  The background blurred beautifully with the lake and lily pads.

I'm loving it!  And now that I'm getting comfortable making the adjustments in Lightroom 4 I'm excited again about getting out there to shoot every day.

It is a goal of mine to take my own photos and add quotes that I admire to create motivational photos/posters.  It would be fun to see mine being shared on Facebook by everyone.  This is why much of my cropping is done to allow some text in the background for future use.

Long Live the Queen of Her New Lens

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