Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another year older

Today is the big day, I'm officially 61 years young now.

I'm still catching up with my weekend trip with the garden girls, I don't know where they get their energy!

This was one of the gardens we toured and I just had to add poster edges to it.

It looks like a good place for an old woman to go and sit a spell, doesn't it?

Then I just had to try it again with adding some textures and a different frame for it.

It is so addictive to play with the Photoshop Elements and I could do this all day long.

But that would interfere with my Facebook games and we can't have that!

I realize it's hard for people to recognize the number of years I've packed into my life, but really...you'd think my friends wouldn't be so astounded.

But as you can see from this photo they were stunned to find out how old I was.

Yesterday my daughter and her posse came over to help me celebrate and I had the honor of sharing my birthday with a lovely little girl who was turning 6.

Stephanie and her friend, Wendy came bearing food and drink for all of us to enjoy.  The chicken salad was unbelievably good....thank you Wendy!  They also had a yummy cake for us to share to end the meal after we all did some swimming at the lake.

The koolaid explosion was another story.  Let's just say Steph learned that adding a flavoring to a two liter bottle of carbonated soda was NOT a good move.  You know she was the one that did it as she was caught "red handed"!

Today was a quieter day.  I did laundry and then Left Brain and I headed to a farmers market for fresh veggies and Cub for groceries.  We had a great supper of kohlarabi, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  Later tonight I will attempt another batch of popcorn in my new popper and cut some of the zucchini cake we picked up at the farmers market.  Boy can these old people party or what!

Long Live the Queen....many more years please


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all.
    Fun and more fun and the Queen's becomes 61.
    So where were the gardens you girls found?

  2. It sounds like you had a great birthday, surrounded by friends and family. 61 is a nice age. You still have lots of energy to do all the fun things yet to come.

    I have to agree about playing with the photos. I have Photoshop, and time just flies by when I'm playing with it. I like how your textured photos came out. I was trying to decide which one I like best, but they both are very interesting.

    I'm at work now, so gotta go. Hope the rest of your birthday is wonderful. Hugs, Edna B.

  3. Happy 61st Birthday!! You and I are the same age and that's my wish too ..... "many more please"

    Food,family,friends and fun times is a great way to spend a birthday.....enjoy what's left of your day!