Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Those lazy hazy HOT days of summer

It has been HOT HOT HOT here in northern Minnesota.  So much for being north to evade the heat wave.  We actually stayed inside the RV for two days without venturing out for anything.

Last night there was a fierce thunderstorm and instead of worrying about my safety living in an RV, I just relished cooling down it provided. 

This morning we managed to take a short walk around the campground before it got too bad.  It was cool enough to sit outside for a bit and read, but the temperature was creeping up quickly so we implemented our get away plan.

The plan was to run some errands, go out to eat and then to a movie. However, by the time we finished our meal there was still about 40 minutes to wait until the movie.

So I suggested we just get the groceries and head home so I could start to prepare the marinated salad for the Fourth of July dinner at our daughter's house.  The movies tend to be a diversion for us during this kind of weather just to break up the day and get out for a while.

Left Brain and I used to argue about using the AC in the past and it has led to some humorous moments.  The worst period of time was when I was not only hot from the heat, but suffering through menopause and it's friend, insomnia.

He didn't care to have the AC on because he worked in an office all day and wanted to have the windows open when he got home.  I agree, but there is a limit to what a girl can take.  He can close his eyes and sleep just about anywhere, anytime, a trait we do not share.

I think he got the message when he came into the living room and found me ironing while nude.  I smiled up at him and commented that I had found the perfect way to beat the heat.  He was aghast and worried about the neighbors seeing me since we didn't have any curtains or blinds on those windows.

Then there was the time he woke to find me with my head propped up on one elbow staring at him.  He thought it was charming that I was still so in love with him that I would watch him sleep.  Then I told him I was thinking of ways to bump him off and how I would use the insurance money to crank the AC up to the point we could hang sides of beef in the living room.  He seemed wary of returning to sleep that night....wonder why.

It got where the neighbors knew when he was traveling because you couldn't see through the windows due to the vapor on the windows.  It did make me feel less bad about him being away.

Thankfully by this stage of life he can no longer tolerate the heat either, so when it gets to certain level of heat and humidity he will willingly turn it on.   Hmm. Perhaps we ARE compatible after all.

Let's hope so!  We have now been living in our RV for two months and heading into uncharted territory of the third month.  I sure hope we like it!

Long Live the Sweaty Queen

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