Friday, July 6, 2012

Time Lapses

sipping an Icie to beat the heat
You would think with all this time on my hands I'd be writing faithfully each day....not so. 

It seems the days fill up without my even noticing and before you know it I'm behind on the blog.

Part of this has to do with the heat that is sapping everyone's energy and part of it is the craziness of family activities.

Zeke taking a break from play

On the Fourth we were invited over to the kids house and shared a wonderful afternoon with them playing with the puppy before enjoying barbequed ribs, sweet corn, baked beans, salads and ice cream cake.  

 Later that night we brough the youngest granddaughter home with us to spend the evening and watched Annie on the DVD.

How I missed ever seeing this movie earlier in my life I don't know. I love Carol Burnett and she was awesome in her role as the manager of the orphanage. Then we all went to bed amidst the thunder of fireworks going on in nearby neighborhoods.

After the three of us slept in late in the morning we returned to the house and picked up the older granddaughter and headed out to the Science Museum.  The photos above show air blowing out a tube and making the girls hair fly.  Left Brain declined to try it...didn't want to mess up his hair I guess.  

actual sunken treasure that was recovered
The Pirates exhibit was on display there also. 

This was fun and educational as we learned about the pirates life at sea and what a democratic society they had on board. 

They have the only pirates treasure ever recovered and what a thrill to see the chests of silver coins and cold.  The captain of this vessel wanted to marry his true love but was forbidden by her father as he was penniless.  So he embarked on a life as a pirate to seek his fortune.  Unfortunately the ship was hit by a Nor'easter and sunk before he could return.

Left Brain being kissed by Zeke
On the way home we checked out the Northwest KOA to see if it might be a suitable place for housing us next year.  We thought it would be closer to the kids house and offer more for the girls to do since they have a swimming pool and mini golf, etc. 

But when we compared the cost $600 a month plus electricity to our $430 a month plus electricity we decided to stay where we were. 

It wasn't that much closer mileage wise and our commute has less traffic. 

So we will remain in goatland and enjoy the shade...provided it cools down enough to get outside again.

We picked up Chinese food on the way to drop the girls off and had supper with the family before returning to our little RV we call home.  It was yet another fun filled and busy day.

Today we are looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing.  I plan to catch up on some laundry that's been piling up again and read my Kindle while it goes through all it's cycles and then maybe we'll make a Wal Mart run for some basic necessities.

I need to rest up for Saturday night when we head to the Hamel Rodeo.

Long Live the Queen of Being Caught Up Again (for a little while)

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  1. Oh my, wouldn't it be fun to have just a little treasure chest like that one. Dream on! That's a fabulous photo of Left Brain and Zeke. They look so utterly happy. It's late now and I'm trucking off to dreamland. You have a good night, hugs, Edna B.