Friday, July 13, 2012

Dancing like nobody's watching

I am not a dancer.  Sure, I wiggled around in school like everyone else and shook my bootie, but it's never come easy to me. But I found out recently that I can dance...with the proper motivation.

Lesson learned and motivation for my midnight dancing: open ceiling vents and a thunderstorm equal soggy carpet and a wet toilet. 

After enjoying the glorious sounds of raindrops on the roof I was inspired to use the bathroom....all those water sounds I guess.  When I stepped into the bathroom area I was greeted with wet carpet.  Yuck.  The ceiling vent is directly over the toilet, so that was wet also.  It is a strange sensation to sit on the toilet and feel water dripping on your head.  Okay, Too Much Information.

Being vertically challenged, the only way to reach this vent is to step up on the higher level (that the toilet is on) while grabbing the underside of the cabinets with my right hand and stretching up with my left hand to reach the knobs to close the vent.  This isn't normally such a bad job except for when it's dark and wet.  Now picture this:  as the knob is turned and the vent begins to lower, it shutters and shakes and disperses yet more water that has pooled there.  It was a bit like the shoilet of yesteryear as I received a shower perched in this strange position.  Having accomplished that I decided not to dry anything off so that Left Brain could enjoy the thrill also.

One down, one to go.  The ceiling vent in the living room is the same height, but with no little step up it is almost out of my reach.  Usually I stand on a little folding stool but I couldn't find it in the dark and didn't want to turn on lights as the blinds are all up to allow air flow and well, I'm not wearing any pajamas.  Sorry, again TMI.
So I stretched my 5'3" as high as I could and reached for the knob.  Memories of an old Richard Simmons video swept into my mind.  The cold water drizzled down my neck and shoulders and I dropped my right arm back down.  Yuck....meaning the water, no reflection on Richard himself, although instead of sweating to the oldies I have become a sweaty oldie.

But, this must be I stretched upwards again in my best John Travolta "Staying alive" dance move and tried it again. once more.  Eeeeuuuuwwww!  The water is splattering down on me and I'm trying to look up to see if it's shut.  I can barely reach it and I was losing my balance, causing a bit of a pirouette. Only a Norwegian such as myself would be spinning my whole body to turn the knob.

Now I'm wide awake due to my nocturnal showers and considered how this must look.  Naturally, this caused a case of the giggles and I gave my rendition of "singing in the rain" while adding some spins as I splashed barefoot on the wet carpet.  It's a good thing Left Brain can sleep through anything and the neighbors aren't able to observe this.

By this time She Devil has joined me since I'm standing in proximity to her food dish.   It's hard to read disgust in the face of a cat, but that's the best way I can describe her expression.  If she could talk I'm sure she would have muttered "seriously?"
So, mission having been accomplished and musical number completed,  I toweled off and returned to bed.

Long Live the Dancing Queen


  1. Ah, what fun it would have been to be a fly on the wall. Gene Kelly would have been very proud of you. Have a wonderful night, hugs, Edna B.

  2. I remember the days...I also needed that good laugh...the graphics only added to the imagination. I wish everyone could enjoy life the way you do...what talent, and then to share it with us. thanks Friend!