Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One step closer

Yesterday I went for my second spin around the campground on the blue scooter and it felt better, easier, much more confident.  So as the song rumbled through my head...get your motor started....head out to the highway...I did.  It was like a subliminal message to take it to the road.  I can't help it, I just listen to the voices in my head...what can I say?

Now I'm not completely crazy, close...but not completely, and I didn't have any big plans to join up with a Hell's Angels gang or anything.  I just needed to get about one mile down the highway to some backroads with blacktop to practice more.  After monitoring traffic for the biggest gap I could find I pulled on to the highway and kicked it in.  What a rush!

When the car behind me got closer I eased into a pull around lane to let him go by and then made it the rest of the way to the country roads.  Take me home...country roads...I feel like I'm in a musical number! I tooled around for a bit exploring and managed to actually get it up to the 35 mph allowed on the road without feeling too out of control.  Whoo Hoo!

When I went past the little rural landing strip it was tempting to take it for a spin since I didn't see any planes approaching, but decided against it.  See...I do have some restraint!  After an enjoyable cruise through the country on good roads and literally no traffic I made my way back to the dreaded highway again.

Again I waited for the best opportunity and ventured back towards the campground.  It was a bit nerve wracking when the car behind me started to get really close and I had to make a judgement call.  I wanted to pull over to the right and go slow so he could go around me but my left hand turn into the campground was approaching quickly.

So, I did what the manual instructs you do and stayed in the left portion of my lane (as I have a right to do) and signaled my turn.  He slowed and proceeded to enter the right side area to get past me and I turned into the campground a confident rider of the scooter.  Another fear conquered.

Max speed on this thing is only about 55 mph and I had it up to 50 during my highway runs and that is the fastest I ever want to go on it.  This will be a great mode of transportation for around the campgrounds and in towns but I'm not looking forward to any highway travel anytime soon.

Later that night Left Brain and I enjoyed a quiet evening on the deck of Bob and Marvelous Marti for appetizers and pina coladas. 

I'd never had one before and wasn't sure I'd like it but they were yummy.  So yummy that while she mixed up the next batch I finished both my drink and hers. 

Ooooops.   They were just so refreshing!

Of course since today is a musical number we tried to sing the Pina Colada song....not very well I'm afraid.

She had the table set beautifully and what a pleasure to enjoy the view of her lovely gardens while the butterflies and birds flitted in and out.  After the hot spell we had I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be outside, but the weather cooled down and it was just the most perfect evening.  We laughed and drank, and talked and drank and ate and drank....let's just say we were all well hydrated when we left. 

Princess Diana clematis
As we toured her gardens I told her of the last visit to the house to show the new owner how to clean the filters for the pond. 

Left Brain and I had arrived early and I had a chance to leisurely stroll through my previous gardens. 

What a mixed feeling that was.

As I walked among the plants I had so lovingly picked out, planted and nurtured into maturity it was sweet to see how well they were thriving.  That part was a little sad. 

But as I saw all the dead fallen branches (there are woods right behind the house)  that hadn't been removed and how weed infested and grass choked the gardens were I felt a little better. 

I remembered the many hours each day weeding, trimming, vining and training the plants to go where I wanted them....and the realization of how time consuming that had been....and that I don't have to do that any more.  That part was good.

The plants will do fine without me, they are vigorous and strong.  And I know that in time the new owners will get moved in and take care of them because they do love the yard.  They are just overwhelmed with their own project of preparing the house they still reside in for sale.  I am blessed to be beyond that and to have moved into our motorhome that came furnished and that after a month and a half things have fallen into place nicely.  They still have a long hard journey ahead of them.

So,  my thoughts are bittersweet lately .I'm missing the beauty of my previous gardens but relieved to not be caring for them.  I'm already missing my friends but know they will always be in my heart and when we reconnect it will be more intense because of the absence.

Life is a trade off, you can't have it all.  But I feel as though I have been blessed with more than any one can deserve.  So I just continue to thank G-d for all the blessings bestowed upon me and endeavor to learn to fully enjoy them.

Long Live the Queen


  1. That Princess Diana is so beautiful. Our clematis only had about 10 blooms on it last year and this year is was so covered you couldn't see any green leaves. That mild winter must have been very good for it. Enjoy the breeze in your hair! Mary Ann

  2. I've never seen the Princess Diana clematis. It's gorgeous. I think you're one brave lady to master the scooter. And so quickly! It's difficult to look back on what we had without being a little sad, but you'll always have the memories of these things in your heart. Just look at all the wonderful new memories you are making. Have a great day, and drive your scooter safely. Hugs, Edna B.