Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

dining area as it came
Here is a photo of the dinette area as we bought the camper and then photos to show the changes we have made.  Since space is of the essence in a small living environment, it’s crucial to use every inch.

Due to the lack of counter space one of the first modifications we made were to add a sink cover (hereto referred to as “the dishwasher”) to hide the dishes, a stove top cover  to add a level surface and an extension table to the left of the cook area.

Here are some answers to those questions you might have:

magnetic board over stove
Why is there a magnetic board on the wall?  We put up the largest dry erase/magnetic board I could find on the blank wall to hold all the little everyday things.  It’s working great to keep photos of our grandkids, holding the potholders, coupons, receipts and She Devil’s insulin syringes.  I added magnetic strips to the cup for her needles and to the remote control.  The TV/DVD folds up and under the cabinet when not in use, which is often.

bunk bed set up
 Why do you have office supplies at the foot of the bed?  Office Max has the perfect black mesh letter holders that we installed over one window for office supplies and at the foot of my bunk to hold my Kindle and miscellaneous items such as change of underwear, socks, slippers and the like.

She Devil taking a snooze
What are the boxes at the end of the table?  Two collapsible fabric drawers are at the end of the table, one for each of us, to hold our personal items and as a laptop stand when they are not in use.  She Devil has her own smaller container in the corner for her treats, brushes and toys.  She wanted a larger one like us, but we explained that she doesn’t need to be able to actually sleep IN it, just to store her things.  She was  bummed but seems to be over it now.

Why is there a tool chest by the bed one might ask?  Well, let me tell you.  This acts as clothes storage for him and provides a step to the upper bunk.  It then doubles as a bench to sit on to put on ones shoes.  You can’t sit on the lower bunk without fear of concussion.

Why are their yoga mats at the end of each bunk?  Since getting in and out of the bunks requires some yoga moves, it seemed appropriate to use them for daytime storage of shoes and personal items when the table area is being used.  At night we roll up the shoes and whatever into the mats and place them on one of the bench seats or table so She Devil has a bench open for napping.  It’s all about the comfort of the cat.  They keep the bedding clean and provide another valuable surface.

comfy seating for two people...
 and one cat
How can two people possibly fit at that table?  Well, two thinner people would probably have no problem, but we’ve made it work.  Only one person can sit down at a time, they then pull the table as tight to them as possible while the other seats themselves.  I think it is a physical manifestation of the push/pull required in a marriage.  Doing dishes involves one person standing at the sink and handing the dishes to the person seated for drying.  Who ever sits first is able to invoke the right to say “would you hand me _____(fill in the blank)”. 

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  1. 20 degrees below in Lax. Hope you're happy. Only thing more fun than your humourous challenges, is She Devil's details. What happens if Left Brain gets between She Devil during insulin syringe time. Shoilet in the dark sometimes, and no evening gown usage on the horizon. Keep it coming. :-) lois