Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking for a new identity

I've been using my image of the little canned ham, but would like to toss out some others to see what reaction they get.  One of the first ideas I had was to tell the grandkids that we lived in an I-Pod and came up with some visuals of that.

 I'm kind of partial to the one big eye myself, but since I wear glasses I thought I'd give it a Harry Potter look.  Since we live in a Forest River R-Pod, it didn't seem such a stretch to add eyes to it for an I-Pod.

Then since one eye looked a big strange, not that I'm worried about realism here, I did try one with two eyes.  So what do you think?  Which one is your favorite?

It's fun to make jokes about how tiny the R-Pod is, but we find that Forest River has done an incredible job of designing these to make use of every one of those cute little inches.  The R-Pod 172 model that we live in is very versatile and we feel the bunk beds have given us a lot more room than having a queen sized bed that someone has to crawl over the other all the time.

As some of you know, I am a full time artist that specializes in making art dolls.  I've brought along one of my favorites, Mystic Rivera, to join me on this trip as she is my signature doll and appears on my website and business cards.  My website is found at

For those of you who have a GPS...have you ever wondered what she looked like?  That voice that tells you where to turn and is oh so patient with you when you miss that turn?  Well, Mystic is sitting by the GPS to let you know what the person behind the voice looks like.  And to remind you that this person is stuffed with fiberfill, so it's no wonder they're off sometimes.  Our Magellan GPS kept sending me to Out Back Steak House instead the Ace Hardware I was tryign to get to.  I was getting really hungry, so maybe it just had my best interest at heart.

I've also had some questions as to how Left Brain feels about this blog and his part in it.  Let's just say that he can't comment right now...he's all tied up.  I will leave you with that image and perhaps if he becomes loose...I mean, available...he'll give a guest commentary soon.  I'd tell you how She-Devil feels about it, but I signed an agreement not to use that kind of language in this blog.

Viva the Queen Jester!


  1. I vote for "the original" single eye. The double eyes scare me a bit.
    We also have a unique relationship with our Magellan. We call her "Madge". Her favorite phrase is "Make a legal U-turn".

  2. I vote for the ONE big eye, makes a statement!!

  3. I vote for the single eye. Our GPS is known as Lulu.

  4. Wow! Your dolls are just fabulous. I absolutely loved the "crossword puzzle" doll. What a great imaginatiion you have. You have a great day, hugs,

  5. I'll vote for the one eye, also. I'm off to LACC - would love Taco John's but it just doesn't seem right......

  6. Personally, I'd go with a big "G" on the side, representing the pride of the NFC, the Green Bay Packers of course. Leave no doubt where you are from, I say. Nice to hear you two are doing well. I visited the house last week to soak my old bones in the hot tub. Plowed the driveway, but neighbors driveway was already done next door. We haven't had snow in a while, although very cold recently. Today, temps back up in upper 20's, which is more manageable.

    It's been a week now, any further damage to van/and or R-pod? Any duct tape needed to fix anything? We have "vegas-style" wagers when the duct tape will be used, please note dates and manner of usage in explanation. Love, Joe