Monday, January 10, 2011

Oy! What a day we had today!

The menfolk have a plan, I'm scared.

He's taking our RV!

Our knight in shining armor....well, actually shorts..

We woke to the aftermath of an Alabama winter storm.  I thought we were in the south?  The weather advisories were warning what would happen to any idiots out on the road and advised everyone to stay put. Everything was closed. All the offices, schools, malls, absolutely everything was shut down.  We laughed at these southerners for freaking out over the 4-5" of snow.  I was smugly thinking to myself how superior we were for being from Wisconisn, this was nothing.  We scraped the ice off the windows and began our departure.  And promptly got stuck.  We kicked ice and snow from our path and vowed to pack a shovel next time. She Devil sacrified some of her kitty litter to the cause for traction.  I could sense the mocking of those watching us for being so stupid.  This went on for a good hour or more until a nice young couple came driving over in a pickup truck.  They'd been watching our micro-drama and took pity on us.  The man helped us push and shove until we reached level ground.  I gave him a big hug and we were on our way!  We know what we're doing!  We're from Wisconsin!  We almost made it around the corner before getting stuck again.  Our Sir Galahad saw us and actually came back a second time to assist.  He and Left Brain decided to unhook the camper and hook it on his truck.  It's an odd sensation when someone honks and waves to you as he drives off with your camper.  We got it to the roadway and switched vehicles and continued onward. Being optimists, we just knew it would be better when we got to the Interstate.  Yeah, right.

Yikes!  This is an interstate?
Alabama doesn't have a lot of snowplows and prefers to let nature take it's course.  Figuring only the city streets were this bad we boldly plowed on to the Interstate.  Now we had fears of spending the night on an entrance ramp.  The actual Interstate road wasn't much better.  We're rolling along at about 20 miles an hour and trying to stay in the good ruts and out of the ditch.  I kept looking at the hills and worrying about sliding down them, or worse yet getting part way up the next hill and sliding backwards.  Flashbacks of sliding down my neighbors driveway were running their own little slideshow before my eyes.  Let's just say that if doing isometric exercises can make you lose weight, I had to have gone down at least one size today. I was clenching everything from my mandibular joint to my sphincter muscles.  Okay, too much information here.  We trudged on in a freezing drizzle and tried not to worry.A 1:30 we stopped at a Shoney's and ate for the first time that day.  The roads continued to improve and we arrived in northern Florida and settled in.  We had our sandwiches while Left Brain and She Devil watched football.  I needed to run out to the car for the proper cords to download the photos from my phone and was too tired to get dressed again.  So out I run in my short pajamas and tennis shoes (twice, since my memory is bad) to get my supplies. I figure they don't know me.  I can always continue my rant of "I'm from Wisconsin - this is nothing!"  We're looking forward to being able to set up the camper to sleep in it for the first time tomorrow.  We're hoping for the weather to be in the fifties tomorrow to do this.  We'll find out if the furnace works.  Keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Wow, no mentions of a murder or anything - I am sooooo proud of the two of you - M

  2. Oh my gosh! What a day. Enjoyed my read and happy you are both OK.
    Better luck tomorrow.

  3. well it wasnt much of a big deal, i didnt mind to help, i just say pay it foward, oh and that was my sister lol

    your knight in shinning shorts

  4. Glad you are safe! "On Wisconsin" is our Motto but this is ridiculous! Did you get the shining knight's info. for me...he is kinda cute! LOL (cougar)Glassgirl

  5. sure the compass is pointing south, or are you visiting Canada? Sounds like the trip is off to a rousing start. In Lacrosse, we're in mid-20's with minimal snow. With ya two gone, I'm looking forward to nice weather to continue in Wisconsin. Pack got a big win on Sunday. We'll see if they can continue to follow your schedule and be "road warriors". Love, Joe