Monday, January 17, 2011

Ouch - January 16, 2011

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news:  In my continuing education of trailer set up and take down I believe I flunked today.  My job was to raise the trailer hitch so Left Brain could back up for the connection.  Well, I thought he was pretty close so I motioned him to stop and proceeded to lower the trailer with the intent that I only had to push it a little forward and to the side, it wasn’t all that far.  Now I feel I am quite a strong woman, but I’m not sure what convinced me that I could single handedly maneuver a trailer that weights well over a ton into place. Dr J, maybe we should cut back the meds a little? The trailer went to the side and forward just like I wanted to….kind of. Then it went amok and crashed into the back of the brand new van.  Ooops.  Left Brain showed considerable restrain in his language choices upon seeing the dent and scratch.

The good news:  You know how nerve wracking it is to have a brand new car and you’re waiting for the first scratch, nick or ding?  Well, the waiting is over.

On the way to our new home we stopped at Camper World and I found a sink cover that is perfect and a stove cover that will provide some much needed counter space.  They let me take it out to the camper to try it in place since I gave  Left Brain as collateral.  I also left my purse with him and they knew I’d be coming back for that.

Thank goodness for McDonalds WI-FI, I can finally post this.  Please bear with me as the postings may get sporadic.

We moved into our new home for the next two weeks, the Hillsborough River State Park.  The set up went really smoothly and we’ll install our new purchases tomorrow and attempt putting up the tent as it’s supposed to be rainy and we’re on dirt and sand.

She Devil already had her first opportunity to taunt the dogs and got the massive black lab frothing at the mouth on her first outing.  The owner came running out, apologized to us, admonished the dog and made him go inside.  She actually grinned, I swear it.

I treated myself to a nice hot shower in the bathhouse that is just a short walk away from our site and feel quite human again.  I’m just not ready to tackle the shoilet for bathing as I’m still harboring a grudge from the cold blast I received the other day.

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  1. stuck in comment post land. maybe this will work. condensing what I tried to post, twice:
    I'm going in to use my separate shower and toilet, I'm calling it my spoilet. You inspire me. love the pictures and your funny man, ham, and four paws. lois