Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

This is the week for all the fine tuning to prepare for blast off.  Well, more of a roll out....   I had Left Brain cut an entry hole into the storage compartment under the dinnette seating.  This is where the litter box will go.  He previously recut the opening on the top where it opens so it will clear the cushions.  When we arrive the litter box will go from the car into it's new spot.  Finding a spot for the little box was one of the prime concerns in chosing our camper.  My friend, Carole, asked me if we're taking Baxter with us.  Silly girl, we bought the camper for Baxter.  It's all about the cat being comfortable.  She's going to love the heated seats in the new van on the way down.

I managed to find the perfect size plastic baskets to fit tightly together under the bottom bunk bed to set up lots of small bins to keep things from sliding around.  And today I snagged a magnetic dry erase board that will cover the empty wall space behind the stove and sink.  I can't stand to see any empty unused areas in something this tiny.  It's crucial every inch be utilized.  This will allow me to hang magnetic organizers as well as write notes to Left Brain when we stop speaking from being overly close together.

Our AAA policy was beefed up to cover any RV related problems on the road and I will arrange for mail delivery tomorrow with the post office.  Thank goodness for cell phones and laptops and the abundance of WI-FI out on the road, it allows for unlimited mobility.  What a grand feeling to be able to travel and share the experience with friends and family....without having to actually take them along.  Okay, I probably just reduced my number of friends and family with that statement alone.

One mission I personally want to take on is to visit Universal Studios and check out the new Harry Potter World.  It's important for a grandmother to make sure these kinds of things are safe for their grandchildren, don't you think?

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