Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011 More Q&A

the fridge and microwave
Is that fridge really big enough?  No.  But since we have a plug-in electric cooler that we used on the way down, that is the overflow fridge in the cabana room.  That is where we store most of the   beverages that take up space.  The inside fridge is more for food storage and ice cubes.  The freezer is just big enough for two full size ice cube trays and one small zip lock bag of ice.

remember to duck and roll!
How do you get in and out of the bunks?  Very carefully.  For the bottom bunk there are two approaches.  You either sit on the tool bench and go into a tuck position and roll in, or amble in on hands and knees and flip over (my preferred method).  There are reading lights at the head of each bed which is nice so the other person (Left Brain) is not disturbed.  He’s disturbed enough as it is.

How do you use the shoilet?  Again, very carefully.  To avoid bumping on the shower and getting wet we have found it’s safer to step in with the right foot, carefully seat yourself and pull the other foot in (or not).  Exiting is a reverse of this to avoid having to turn around (nearly impossible for portly people).  Flushing is accomplished by reaching back in once you are fully extracted from the shoilet and pulling the lever.  The light switch is outside, so sometimes you find yourself sitting in the dark, but it’s too much work to get out again so you just deal with it.

storage over sink
Is there enough storage for food and kitchen items.  Amazingly, yes.  There are three drawers—one for silverware, one for dishtowels & rags and one for junk.  The overhead cupboard holds the plates. The open cupboard over the sink holds the glasses and some canned items as well as She Devil’s insulin supplies.  The open storage over the fridge has a microwave on a shelf, with food storage supplies (baggies, saran wrap, etc) underneath.  To the side of the microwave are the taller items such as cereal and pancake mix.  On top of the microwave is the bread storage. Left Brain’s coffee maker sits in front as it is lifted out and used on the table for his cup of coffee and then stored.  Paper towels and Kleenex sit in front of the microwave so only a couple of things need to be moved to use it.  Having the cabana up allows for the toaster over to sit out there on a table where it’s dry and safe.

Where do you keep your clothes?  We each have a large plastic tub in the back of the car for our clothes since nothing we wear needs ironing.  There is a handing rod in the shoilet that I’ve added some hangers to in the event we need to hang our evening gowns, but that opportunity hasn’t risen yet.  And Left Brain was so looking forward to wearing his.

That's it for todays Q&A.  My but you people have a lot of questions!  Please feel free to post questions in the comments section and I'll try to answer them.

Long Live the Queen


  1. I really want to hear from Left Brain - you know, what he thinks of all of this, how he's surviving in this small space with you in the Canned Ham?

  2. We want to know what the process is for submitting medical bills to you for injuries from laughing too hard and bumping our heads when we fall. I'm guessing we may be having more fun with this than you times!!! Al and Kathy

  3. Check out comment on Jan 6th...sorry I just caught on...-22 to 30 below this week at night. Gene wanted to wait till our taxes were done but as soon as the Packers beat the Bears Sunday we're off to a 2 bedroom condo in LV. Our daughter has taught there for 24 years but has enough sense to know having her parents living with them for over 8 weeks is no vacation! This way Dad can do everything in the job jar and she can send him home to Mom who's been in and out of the hot tub 3 times that day. Keep 'em coming. Your blog is as good as your photos (as in LACC entries). Mary Ann