Sunday, January 30, 2011

D is for Doughnut

Showing the softer side of  She Devil.  If she knew this was going out on the net, she'd kill me...
so no cracks about the stuffed animals, okay?
We felt so fortunate to find another place to eat that offered WI-FI until we tried to log on.  The server didn’t know which one it was or anything about it.  Now we know why.  We finally managed to get to the correct source and the WI-FI was being provided by their competitor across the street, the Hole In One Doughnut.  That felt pretty cheesy, so we kept our loyalty with McDonalds until we left.

We made the move today (Sunday) to Winterset RV Park.  Office is closed so we just set up on the lot they mentioned to us and will check in tomorrow morning.  

After hearing so many nasty comments about how hard it is to put up the cabana I had Left Brain time us.  Without hurrying it took us less than 20 minutes from start to finish. He needed to run to Wal Mart for a 50 amp connector since we didn't have that, but otherwise we're settled in.  People have been stopping by to introduce themselves and say hi.  We're finding that many people are fascinated with the R-Pod unit and find it unique and want to see it.

We love having our internet at our fingertips again!  Every time we'd go to McDonald's Left Brain would get upset with me jumping up and standing next to the table.  "Why are you doing that" he'd hiss.  I reminded him that I follow orders well and it was asking very politely to "please stand by".  I have learned that I can go without newspapers, radio and television but I simply must have access to the net.

After having a supper of leftovers we both tried out the at a time....there's barely room for one in there.  It went much better than I anticipated and we were both happy to find out it's just fine.  It also does a nice job of cleaning the bathroom at the same time - just hose the whole room down.  It is important to remember to remove the toilet paper prior to showering. 

Long sleep the Queen...she's tired.

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