Friday, January 28, 2011

B is for Big Al

No, this is NOT Left Brain
One never knows what to expect in this park.  Left Brain and I were ready to head into town...yeah, McDonalds again, and as I pulled back the flap to the cabana there stood a Seminole Indian in full regalia.  He was walking through the campground to invite people to the re-enactment that afternoon, at 1:30 SST.  That stands for Seminole Standard Time.  Those who are familiar with the Native American culture knows there is an Indian time, similar to my Jewish time.

On the way to town Left Brain was my driving for some “drive by shootings” on my part.  There’s so many odd things to photograph down here that half the time I’m hanging out the window snapping away.

There was some concern that red shouldered hawk I photographed earlier was fake since it wasn’t moving.  It was found that he (sadly) was nearsighted and didn’t have “eyes like a hawk”.  So Left Brain and I purchased a lovely pair of glasses for him and he’s back to hunting with the others.  It feels so good to help others!

We took our hike again along the water now that we are becoming familiar with where “Big Al” hangs out.  Other hikers have told us that if you rent a canoe you can find several of them, they float along side the canoes.  No thank you.  It’s creepy enough being on the shore wondering if I could outrun one….or at least outrun Left Brain.

Some or my followers have asked to hear what Left Brain’s opinions are on our trip.  Well, let me tell you (since I always speak for him).  He loves doing all the driving and dirty jobs and grilling our food.  The filet mignon tonight was divine, as were the hash browns served with them. He adores the Queen and only wishes to please her.  At least I’m pretty sure that’s what he’d say. 

Since I’ve started an alphabet theme (I don't know why, but I seldom understand half of what I do or say), tomorrow is the letter “C” and since She Devil figures C is for Cat, it will be her turn to express how this trip is going.  Please bear in mind that the views of the cat are not necessarily shared or endorsed by the humans.

Hail to the Queen!

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