Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays always make me blue

Snuggled into our cozy little camper beds we listened to the thunderstorm and rain all night long, knowing that we were dry and comfortable for the night.  The sound of the rain on the roof was divine.  Since it continued into the morning and we know we could not put the cabana on we decided to make a Camping World and Wal-Mart run to return the stuff that didn’t work and get others that might.

As Left Brain opened the door to run out to the car he noticed the impressively large puddle in front of our home.  It seems we now have lake front property.  His boots are water proof so that was no problem.  I opted to wade out in my flip flops and wipe my feet off in the car before putting on my shoes.  The forest floor of sandy dirt and pine needles took on another dimension when wet….not nearly as attractive.

We found a McDonalds while out and about and were able to get on to their Wi-Fi and check emails and publish my blog post from the previous day.  That part we agree on.  However, the rest of  our plans for the day were a bit different.

My plan:  Go do some shopping, have a nice lunch at a restaurant and catch a movie.

His plan:  Go get our business done and come back to the camper.

His plan won.  I fixed supper when we got back since we were both starved and supper was over by 4:30.  This must be part of the seniors early bird supper routine.  Left  Brain compromised by doing the dishes.

The rain has stopped and hopefully things will dry out by tomorrow and we can wipe the mud off everything and attempt putting up the cabana.  Then I will have to start the interviews for my cabana boy!

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  1. Loving ham travel, vicariously. Males and females do often imagine different goals. Pitter-patter on ham roof, cozy. Lakeside property. How grand. lois