Thursday, January 27, 2011

A is for Alligators

During our last visit to our favorite McDonalds in Zephyrhills Florida something odd happened.  Left Brain barked at me. Yes, I said barked.  We were both busy on our laptops and all of a sudden there was this barking sound coming from across the table.  The ladies on either side of us glanced our way and smirked, to which I said, “Well!  He’s growled at me a time or two, but he’s never barked before” and then I asked if we had hiked too far that day and if his dogs were barking.  It seems whatever website he was on had some sound effects of a dog barking. I’m just glad She Devil wasn’t there to witness it.  She’d be singing “Who let the dogs out….”

Go Packers!

The hands down winner for the new logo is the one big eyeball.  However, I did have a request from my son, Chief Joseph, for something that demonstrated our pride of the Green Bay Packers going to the Super Bowl.  He was concerned for us, dear boy that he is, that it has been over a week now and he wondered if there was any further damage to the R-Pod or the van. Apparently he’s not worried about US. He also asked if any duct tape was needed to fix anything.  Those who know Left Brain realize that his major tools are a hammer, WD-40 and duct tape. It’s amazing what you can do with just those three items.  Anyway, it appears there are some “vegas-style” wagers as to when it will be used and I am to note dates, and manner of usage in the explanation.  I’ll keep you posted.  Confession: actually I was the first to use some when we first set up, but as soon as HE touches it there will be photos with timestamps.

The one that got away
On our hike yesterday we did manage to see two alligators, maybe three but I still think that was a log and we had gator fever.  I whipped out my Canon Rebel XTI and did the best I could with my hands shaking. Even the image stabilization feature couldn’t help me much. The photo I got was not very good, but you can see that it is just starting to slide into the water.  Now that really makes you start to watch the path closely.  I’ve heard the tale of a photographer walking down the trail and noticed a large dog approaching him.  Until it got closer and he could see it was a massive gator. As I understand it, he wet his pants, the gator slid off the side into the water and he ran back to the car.  Hmm….make note to pick ups some Depends at Publix tomorrow.

Left Brain, I think someone is looking in the window.  Would you go outside and check it out?

She Devil heard of our escapades and just laughed and then went outside and showed us how you take care of them there gators.  I didn’t know she had it in her!  We may have to rename her Bubba She Devil.
No, this isn’t really her, but I found it on YouTube and thought it fit in with today's topic.  Click below to watch the video.

On our way back into the State Park, we noticed this sign.  This is to remind you canoes to be careful with your paddles….you could poke an “I” out.

Long live the Gator Queen

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