Saturday, January 8, 2011

The big take off

Today is Saturday, January 8th - the day the ham rolls out of the driveway!
THE PLAN:  Get up early and hit the road.
THE REALITY: Left Brain got up early and I had trouble rousing myself. Due to the excitement of our impending departure, I couldn't get to sleep.  I tried counting sheep and it went pretty good for about five of them, then they started doing tumbling routines over the fence, swan dives and the such. After a few of those they morphed into cartoon sheep and then pigs and started doing synchronized swimming like in the Return of Nanny McFee.  This was NOT soothing, so I took an over the counter sleeping aid that didn't work very fast, but had me knocked out by early morning.  The morning was spent racing around and watering plants and packing last minute stuff.  We finally were ready to leave about 8:30.  Almost.  Now Left Brain is asking for the hair dryer, which I couldn't understand since he's bald and no use for such a tool.  Apparently the plug had condensation and needed to be unfrozen before plugging in.  We managed to avoid ripping the air conditioner off on the garage, stayed on the driveway and actually left about 9:00.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the roads were good.

The first part of the journey was spent comforting She Devil who must have thought she was going to the vet - she hates that (and they do too). She settled down relatively soon and was comfortable on the blanket cov ered perch I created for her in the back.  Of course her only view is the canned ham, so that was boring.  She chose the cooler as her personal spot to spend her time and since she was quiet we opted not to take out any cold drinks or food.  It's all about the cat.

I got to drive for a stretch that Left Brain thought was safe and he took over cat care.  As She Devil tried to work her way up to the front seat for some petting and scratching Left Brain attempted to lift her over the counsole and instead dropped her in the litter box.  I don't know how she can raise just her middle digit like that.

We have settled in for the night in Effingham IL, which I thought was fitting for a canned ham.  I fear that later on in our adventure that may be how we refer to it - that "f"ing ham!

License plates that made our day were "GROOVY 1" and a VW bug with plates that said "SLUG BUG"

Left Brain and She Devil are watching football right now and we're ready to turn in.  It's been a good day.

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