Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

Baxter crusing down the highway on
the dashboard, one of her favorite spots

Okay, I realize I missed my big chance for posting on 01/11/11.  It was a very long day with moments of heightened tension.  I love the comments from many of you about the snow adventure.  Yes, indeed it was time for cold ham sandwiches.  Yesterday was our very first day being inside in our little canned ham, so far we've just hauled it around with us. Left Brain showed me how to do some of the set up and I learned some new swear words in the process. Things were pretty chaotic for a while as we worked out some of the kinks of where things need to go.  One of the nice ladies in the park told me where I could find a Publix and I made a mini grocery run and thank goodness they had a Chinese take out next door, so that was supper since nothing was really hooked up sufficiently to cook, including me.  We got to sleep in our bunkbeds for the first time and learned that you can't wave around your arms or sit up real quickly.  There's kind of a drop and roll method to crawl in, but it was comfortable and snug. The temperature dropped to freezing last night and we turned on the furnace when we woke up to take the chill off and get the dampness out. Amazingly we were quite warm and snug all night.

Today we spent the day working on the camper, trying to get the hot water heater to work, bleaching out the holding tanks so we can use the water and the like.  Pete put up my magnetic board over the stove & sink (photos will follow in a day or two) and drilled a hole so I could hook up the microwave. Once that was done I was able to clean up and put things away.  We went shopping and got some organization things and tools that were needed and more groceries. Now we have a can opener for Baxter's tuna happy hour.  We had been using Grandpa Ken's WWII can opener until now and thankfor for it. Things are looking better and better each day.  We won't attempt adding on the tent until we get to the State Park on Sunday.  But for now we're enjoying the wireless internet and cable TV - yup, this is camping at it's best.
Tomorrow we will meet up with friends in Orlando, including our friends from England that are visiting there.

Our last night in a motel

Good night

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