Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I'm growing gills here, enough rain already!

I'm so exhausted!
Yesterday was a glorious day…. in the morning.  We all went outside because Left Brain decided that She Devil needed to get “some exercise”.  Now, those of you with cats know you can’t make them do anything. Fetching doesn’t work, going for a walk doesn’t work. They pretty much do as they chose and that’s why I love cats, they are so ME.  Anyway, we put She Devil out on her 6 foot lead and she promptly parked herself under a small palm tree on the other side of the canned ham.  I guess she’s looking for a little “away time” from us also. She looked to the left to watch the car go by. She looked to the right to see the man walking his dog.  She looked to the left again to see someone haul their trash to the dumpster.  And on and on and on.  She got quite the workout and needed to take a power nap when she got back in.

palm tree with rare sunshine

Some of you have asked about her bathroom situation and whether her litter box is in the shoilet.  Heavens no!  There wouldn’t be room.  She’s a big cat and requires an oil drip pan (similar in size to a baby bathtub).  Come to think of it, her floor space is larger than ours.  The storage area under the bench seat (the only one with storage) is dedicated to this behemoth litter box. Left Brain cut an opening for her and cleaning it requires moving the cushions, lifting the lid and oh so delicately sitting on the edge bending forward to scoop. She has just enough room for her trash bags, scooper, backup litter and air freshener spray. It’s quite deluxe and I’ve thought about wallpapering it and putting up a mirror for her.  I added a sign that states all cats must wash their paws before returning to their naps, but she was not amused.  To quote a friend describing her bathroom compared to ours, it’s quite a spoil-it.

Even though we have a litter box outside for her, she insists on coming in to her the indoor box.  She’s evil but very modest.  I think the squirrel that comes in and wreaks havoc in the cabana might be using it as it appeared he helped himself to a beer and some snacks last night.

a hole in a hole in a tree

I made my usual trip into McDonalds to post the blog and do some shopping and managed to get to and from the car between rain storms. Just as soon as I had hauled in my new treasures the heavens let loose with thunder and lightening and a deluge of rain...again.  I’m wondering if the canned ham floats if necessary.

One of my new buys was an additional piece of memory foam bedding for my bunk and after trying it out I have to say it was a hit, no sore hips this morning.

I also discovered this morning that if you forget to close the vent in the bathroom during a storm it gives a whole new meaning to the term water closet.

Stay dry and stay tuned! 

Long live the soggy Queen.


  1. Sorry your weather continues to suck. Loved today's blog though. That Baxter......

  2. I had to laugh at the Google ad that came up on this post for the Litter Robot 2. Looks quite luxurious. :)

    Sorry to hear about all the rain. Looks like it's quite soggy down there. Such a strange winter. Hope you dry out soon!

  3. I hope you don't submit your palm tree photo to LACC the week that I post my BEST photo because you will beat me hands down. Great, Awesome etc.
    We were going to leave Monday but a minor surgery on Gene's face (he's still as handsome as ever)...stitches out next Friday but don't want to be on the road when the Packers win the Super Bowl so will pack on Sat., Cheer loudly on Sunday and leave on Monday. Hope to have our taxes done by then and stay until mid April. Mary Ann

  4. Love your photo of She Devil on the sofa. Hope you dry out soon. Would you rather have the snow that we have? We are buried!!!! Have a great day. Edna B.