Saturday, January 15, 2011

Celebrating our first full week of vacation

She Devil slept in today...the day we actually need to leave earlier. Normally she wakes and goes to the door and howls to go out. I think she's finally resigned to living in the canned ham. Once she gets us both up, then she's able to curl up and resume her naps.  Go figure.

The showerhead was still dripping a bit this morning as I sat in the "shoilet" (combination shower and toilet). So, as I cursed Left Brain for bumping it again (Lord knows I would never do anything like that!) I cranked it good and tight to the right to close it.  Now, right before the cold water blasted me in the face I did recall Left Brain commenting on how the knobs are opposite what you'd normally see.  Of course I recalled this bit of information from the back of my foggy brain just a tad too late.  Well, I guess I just had my first shower experience in the shoilet.  Very invigorating!

We've established a bit of a routine now. At the foot of our bed we each have half of the yoga mat (that was never used) to place our shoes and personal items on.  At night we roll these up and place them on the table while we sleep.  Actually crawling in and out of the bunks is the closest thing to yoga I have ever done in a long time.  Ditto for getting in and out of the shoilet. Don't even get me started on the position required to crawl under the table to lift the bench lid to access the kitty litter for scooping.  I will so limber by the time I get home...or be in a hospital in traction.  Only time will tell.

We enjoyed a beautiful day with our friends again and had a lovely boat ride.  The weather was perfect and the peacocks came out.  There were aningas in a tree in the middle of the lake and the tree had large Christmas ornaments hanging on it.

We stopped at a little island half way through our trip and I found a lizard of some sort trying to shed it's skin.  I guess it was too warm for him today also and he was trying to take a layer off.

Aningas were in a tree with
big Christmas ornaments

Their house is huge and undergoing a fresh coat of paint so we were not able to see it in its full glory but I can just imagine how gorgeous it will be someday.


  1. Joel said from the sounds of it, maybe next year you two should bring us with you so you don't hurt yourselves!
    We of course couldn't all stay in the Canned Ham, but we'd be close by just to spot you.

  2. Dohkay. So...we finally figured out how to post a comment!

    Glad you made it through the great southern blizzard of 2011 safely. What an adventure!

    It's been fun to follow you on here. The girls think the shoilet is quite amusing. It seems to serve as a reverse bidet!

    Glad you're settling into life in Florida for a while. Have fun, relax and enjoy the blessing of just being away.

    We look forward to the next post!