Thursday, January 6, 2011

January 6, 2011

After visiting our lovely grandchildren (the two on the left), we are getting closer and closer to take off.  Left Brain took the van in for an oil change and I had lunch with my totally unbalanced friend, the "other" Divine Miss M.  After lunch I gave her a tour of the canned ham....that took about 10 minutes.  When it's this cold  nobody really wants a lengthy tour...not that it would take long anyway. When we got back I ventured again up the slippery slope to take care of the kitties left in my charge. My life seems to always place me on a slippery slope of some kind.  Since they have provided a rope that runs the entire length of the driveway to hold on,I decided to walk up this time rather than risk it again with the car. Left Brain is a patient man, but he has his limits.  Plus he wasn't home. Memories of my friend barreling down her driveway on a little pink sled,dragging a garden rake behind her as a brake flashed before my eyes.  This brought to light the realization that I don't have ANY normal friends.  I thought joining the local camera club would be helpful, but that just added to the odd assortment of people in my all know who you are, and don't try to deny it.  Maybe I'll meet some nice people in Florida.


  1. JO Cheryl, I am starting at the beginning of the blog and TOTALLY laughing out loud. I think I need to find a nick name for my husband, not sure if Left Brain would fit him, nor the reaction he would give to me! I was wondering why you weren't around to judge with me this winter. We are heading for Las Vegas Feb 1 and plan to return in April. Your other Camera Club friend is hopeing to join us in March as her husband watches basketball and I promise to show her all the secret photo opps in LV. Come join will be a hoot! Remember though it hurts when I laugh...can't wait to read my way through to Feb. 22 to see where you are now. Enjoy! Mary Ann

  2. You expected to find normal people at camera club? You do realize this is a group of people that oohs and ahs at pictures of rusty door knobs and falling down barns, right? :)